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Blake Shelton and Shakira team up for new song

Blake Shelton to appear on Shakira's album
Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

According to Shakira, Blake Shelton still has a few surprises up his sleeve. Blake will be featured on Shakira’s new self-titled album, according to an interview Shakira did on air with Ryan Seacrest on February 11.

If the pairing of Blake Shelton and Shakira is hard for country music fans to wrap their heads around, it may be even harder to believe that Blake Shelton’s voice will be heard on the same album as Rihanna. And yet, that is exactly what Shakira’s fans will hear when her self-titled album drops on March 25.

Shakira explained to Ryan Seacrest that this album doesn’t have a particular conceptual theme, thus the self-title. Perhaps, the range of emotions and creative paths of this album are why Shakira can get away with two such opposite extremes of Blake Shelton and Rihanna.

In case country fans were worried though, Blake Shelton’s song with Shakira will still be right up their gravel alleys. Shakira explained:

We just [recorded it] – it’s a country, folk song … I kind of directed him. I wrote the song with some people from Nashville and I sent it to him and I was super-nervous. I was like, ‘Oh my god. What’s he going to think?’ And he loved it. He said, ‘Wow! This is exactly what you were talking about. I love this song.’

So, if Blake Shelton loves it, chances are fans will too. Though the album isn’t out until March, Blake Shelton and Shakira can be seen together when “The Voice” returns for season 6 on February 24.

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