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Blake Robbins shows Slamdance 'Sublime and Beautiful: An interview

Dave contemplates his feelings
Dave contemplates his feelings
Photo by Morgan Miller

As Slamdance heats up, (runs from Jan 19-23, 2014), filmmakers are showing their work to film fans and film distributors.

Blake Robbins' film "The Sublime and Beautiful" was shown Saturday Jan 18, 2014, followed by a Q&A.

I was fortunate to get an interview with Robbins ("OZ, The Office, Sons of Anarchy"), who wrote, directed, produced and starred in this film.


  • David Conrad is a college professor and sometimes philanderer raising three children in a small Kansas suburb with his wife Kelly. When sudden tragedy strikes the family in the days before Christmas, David and Kelly's marriage is brought to its breaking point and David's desire for retribution leads him into uncharted moral territory with the question: what can we forgive? (IMDbPRO)

Terra-First of all, I would like to tell you I'm a huge "OZ" fan. Such a quality show.

Blake-Thank you.

Terra-As I watched the first part of your film, I found it tough to embrace, a bit hard to watch. However, when the real issues that the film addresses started playing out, the film became so different. It went from scenes from an average life to scenes from the tragedies of a family touched by drunk driving.

Blake-It's a tough film to embrace and some, who haven't been through a tragedy such as the one in the film won't embrace the film like someone who has been touch by a tragedy.

Terra-Where did the idea for this film come from?

Blake-It actually came from personal experience when I was in college, my aunt Jeanie was hit head on by a drunk driver. It was Christmas time and our family had to go wait at the hospital and be with her. The man who hit my aunt was in the cubicle next to where they had my aunt. My relative was dealing with life altering injuries and the drunk driver broke a few bones.

Terra-That's horrible. I thought it might have come from a personal experience. It's so raw.

Blake-My best friend in the world, at the time, died of cancer. I had that to draw from also.

Yeah, Dave is in a moral quandary. He's unavailable to his wife, they both have guilt about the accident.

Terra-What I took away was that the wife, Laura, (Kelly Conrad; "The Time Machine, At First Sight"), was grieving in the correct way. She was starting through the steps. On the other end of the spectrum is Dave, who dries several ways to stop feeling so horrible. He attempts suicide, homicide, drinking himself senseless and even starting a new family with his mistress.

Blake-I'm so glad you felt those things. That's what I want people to do. I've had people come up to me with lots of tears and lots of hugs. People have told me they feel a sense of catharsis from the film.

I will have a review of "The Beautiful and Sublime" up very soon.

I would like to thank Blake for taking time out of his very busy schedule to talk with me.

Stay tuned to this column for release information on this and other independent entertainment.

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