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Blake Lively bees: Actress attacked by huge swarm

Blake Lively
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Actress Blake Lively was actually attacked by a swarm of bees. On Thursday, Huffington Post shared about the really scary experience that the actress from "Gossip Girl" had to deal with and how it made her realize age is just a number. This all went down on her birthday.

Blake spoke out saying, "I felt an electric shock of energy-- was it excitement that I was about to turn another year older? Was it nerves? Why did it feel like agony? I like getting older ... I think. But this felt terrible. Does your butt quite suddenly (and painfully) deflate when you turn 27? Because mine hurt like hell …then my neck, back, legs and forehead. And oh my hands! They were shriveling. It felt like I was being shot by dozens of tiny invisible darts. I felt like the Wicked Witch, melting, melting, burning, melting."

It honestly really scared and bothered her. Blake went on to explain saying, "It took a swarm of bees to remind me that a b-day is nothing but a number. Each day I choose my age." She might be 27-years-old, but this actress is living her life to the fullest with her new husband Ryan Reynolds.

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