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Blair Westlake leaves Microsoft citing company reorganization

Blair Westlake leaves Microsoft, blames the company's reorganization
Blair Westlake leaves Microsoft, blames the company's reorganization
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Blair Westlake has announced his departure from Microsoft, just as the company is undergoing a major restructuring.

Although it isn't rare for executives to leave these large tech companies, it is rare for them to give an exact reason for why they decided to call it quits. Westlake explained that the reason he decided to quit was because of the reorganization the company is embarking on. In a statement, he said:

As the reorganization has unfolded, it has become clear to me that the organization is moving in a direction that does not fit either my expertise or skill sets. Therefore, I have made the decision to leave Microsoft.

In his 10 years at Microsoft, Westlake worked with media and entertainment companies to bring movies and TV shows to Microsoft products, such as Xbox Live. Prior to working at Microsoft, Westlake worked for 20 years at Universal Studios, and his experience with Hollywood definitely helped him create these partnerships.

What do you think about Westlake leaving at such a pivotal moment for Microsoft? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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