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Blaine Street Elementary Named a National High Flying School -Honorable Mention

The National Youth at Risk Conference in collaboration with The National Network for Educational Renewal has named Walton County’s own Blaine Street Elementary School an Honorable Mention High Flying School for 2010. This honor was awarded to only 9 other schools in the nation. This was the school’s first year applying for the award and has high hopes for next year to become a National High Flying School winner.

The criteria for the award is :
• High Achievement
• High Poverty
• Diversity of Student Body
• Community Collaboration
• Citizenship Development
• Democratic Education

In the above areas BSES met or exceeded those guidelines. The criteria for high achievement requires the school to rank at the 67th percentile in at least one academic subject in at least one grade level, BSES has consistently made double digit gains in just about every level. 88% of the families at BSES are either at or below poverty level, and 52% of the student population is a minority.

Blaine Street Elementary is led by a strong administration team comprised of Mrs. Melissa Jones-Clarke serving as principal and Dr. Zach Phillips serving as Assistant Principal. As they attended last year’s conference and listened to the criteria, they realized they were already meeting or exceeding those levels.

One of the major reasons for applying for the award, according to Dr. Phillips,  was to recognize the hard work that the teachers have put in, not only in the classroom but with each individual child that comes through their doors. Both he and Mrs. Jones-Clarke believe that this award is confirmation that they are on the correct path for the school and will continue to improve and progress.

The strong leadership of Mrs. Jones-Clarke is a key component of the school's continual success. Despite the challenges that the school faces, such as budget constraints at the county and state level, high poverty, low community and parental involvement, to name a few, the school seems to be moving in a very exciting direction.

The school's mission truly sums up the atmosphere at Blaine Street, Teaching and Learning through Cooperation -TLC and supports the common belief that every child can achieve success with the necessary support system.

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