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‘Blackwell Saga’ will conclude with ‘Epiphany’ on PC in April

The last game in Wadjet Eye Games’ Blackwell series, “Blackwell: Epiphany,” will be released on the PC this April, the company said today in a press release obtained by Examiner.

Check out these screens from ‘Blackwell Saga’
Check out these screens from ‘Blackwell Saga’
Wadjet Eye Games

According to the game’s creator Dave Gilbert, “Blackwell Epiphany,” the fourth game in the series since its debut in 2006, will be the largest of the games in the series, with over 80 locations and will feature “the best voice acting in the series.”

Continuing the story of Spirit medium Rosa Blackwell and her ethereal sidekick Joey Malone, the two must solve a mystery that has them and the spirit world shocked and confused about.

The game will also be released on the iPhone and iPad.

"I always knew how Rosa and Joey's story would end, but figuring out how to get there was a challenge. Every lesson I learned over the last eight years has been put to good use," series creator Dave Gilbert said in today’s press release. "This is the last Blackwell game and we've given it our all -- it's longer, more detailed, darker, and more atmospheric than any of the games that came before it. I can't think of a more worthy note to end on."

Have you played any of the games in the “Blackwell” series? If not will this be one you’ll check out? Tell us in the comment section below.

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