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Blacks vote Democrat: The power behind Cook County Democrat, Barack Obama?

COLLEGE PARK, MD - JULY 22: U.S. President Barack Obama greets people in the audience as he arrives to Town Hall meeting at the University of Maryland.  President Obama answered questions about the deficit and debt.
COLLEGE PARK, MD - JULY 22: U.S. President Barack Obama greets people in the audience as he arrives to Town Hall meeting at the University of Maryland. President Obama answered questions about the deficit and debt.
Yuri Gripas-Pool/Getty Images

Information Vacuum
The power that feeds Democratic victories, like that which ended in Barack Obama's presidential triumph may be the absence of a convincted challenge to the status quo. In a blue state like Illinois, there is no real Repbulican counterweight to act as a compelling presence that could change hearts and minds. Without blaming the state of affairs on ostensible racial solidarity or ignorance, Thomas Sowell puts it this way.

Blacks have been lied to so much that straight talk can gain their respect, even if they don’t agree with everything you say. Republicans need all the credibility they can get. When they try to be imitation Democrats, all they do is forfeit credibility.
Most blacks don’t want judges who turn criminals loose in their communities to plague them and their children. These are almost invariably liberal judges, appointed mostly by Democrats.
Many of the key constituencies of the Democratic party — the teachers’ unions, the trial lawyers, and the environmentalists, for example — have agendas whose net effect is to inflict damage on blacks. Urban renewal destroys mostly minority neighborhoods, and environmentalist restrictions on homebuilding make housing prices skyrocket, which forces blacks out of many communities. The number of blacks in San Francisco has been cut in half since 1970.
But, unless Republicans connect the dots and lay out the facts in plain English, these facts will be like the tree that fell in an empty forest without being heard. (Emphasis mine).

Lightning rods
This could be "...a person or thing that attracts and absorbs powerful and especially negative or hostile feelings, opinions, etc., thereby diverting such feelings from other targets". Incomplete characterizations of phenomena - like the one which turns a magnifying glass on a sliver of electorate tending to vote for Democrats...and which happens to be brown-skinned - may qualify for the description.
What may be the most problematic to brown-skinned Conservatives (popularly represented by the likes of Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Clarence Thomas, Carol M. Swain, Ph.D, et alia) is that beige-skinned Conservatives seem only too willing to be blind. Too often, they are disposed to focus on what those they dismiss as 'Blacks'. And 'Blacks vote for Democrats. Their only question is, Why? The problem with the generalization is that color has nothing to do with voting. Voting is a decision, a behavior. Decisions are based upon thoughts and values. Different brown-skinned individuals do different things - that is, they feel differently, choose differently and vote differently.

[] It makes perfect sense that a black American who is essentially happy is going to be less attracted to the Left. Anyone who has interacted with black conservatives rarely encounters an angry, unhappy person.
Because the liberal view on race is that America is a racist society. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, a black American must abandon liberalism in order to be a happy individual. It is very hard, if not impossible, to be a happy person while believing that society is out to hurt you. So, the unhappy black person will gravitate to liberalism and liberalism will in turn make him more unhappy by reinforcing his view that he is a victim.

See, "Why Unhappy People Become Liberals (. . . and why liberalism makes them even unhappier)". The assumption inherent in this obsession is that 'Blacks' have been the swath of electorate that has swept Big government, tax and spend Democrats like President Obama into office.
First, he was not 'swept'; he barely eeked out a victory. He won by 7 points.
Second, there aren't enough 'Blacks' in America to sweep anyone anywhere - even if they choose to vote en masse.
Third, the fact that our beige Conservatives love to be focus on our brown folks voting for Democrats separates people by the amount of the ubiquitous pigment, melanin, rather than by behavior, values and choices - in this case, their choice to vote Democrat.
If Conservatives with brown skin can find this irksome, imagine how much this kind of talk will attract those 'Blacks' who continue to vote Democrat (though they may be voting against their own social, moral and economic interests).

[Not] all black voters are the same, any more than all white voters are the same. Those black voters that Republicans have any realistic chance of winning over are people who share similar values and concerns.
They want their children to get a decent education, which they are unlikely to get so long as public schools are a monopoly run for the benefit of the teachers’ unions, instead of for the education of the children. Democrats are totally in hock to the teachers’ unions, which means that Republicans have a golden opportunity to go after the votes of black parents by connecting the dots and exposing one of the key reasons for bad education in inner cities and the bad consequences that follow.

See, "How Republicans Can Win the Black Vote". Maybe these 'Whites' who go on and on about 'Blacks' are trying to insulate themselves. Maybe they hope to draw an arbitrary demarcation between themselves based on skin color - rather than on the choice of whom people are voting. In this way they may fool themselves into believing that their skin color inoculates them against poor values and ignorance.
It is wrong to imply that beige folks don't vote for Democrats.
It is incorrect to think that beige folks don't have abortions, though it is true that brown-skinned women (those called 'Black' and 'Hispanic') do so with greater frequency.
It is inaccurate to imagine that beige folks are all Conservatives, having traditional and religious-based values and principles.
It is false to say that the majority of folks who voted Barack Obama into office were not beige. Even this dubiously entitled piece, "Breakdown of demographics reveals how black voters swept Obama into White House", provides ironic evidence that while almost all of the voters who were brown-skinned voted Democrat in the last presidential election; they made up a negligible percentage of the votes that made Cook County's hometown hero, Mr. Barack Obama, our 44TH President.

Black Americans
95% of black voters went to the ballot for Obama and only 4% for McCain.
Obama has succeeded in mobilising [sic] African-American voters who, although strongly Democratic, have in the past been apathetic in turning out to vote.
Yesterday's surge in black voters, however, only boosted black turnout by two percentage points from 11% to 13%.
[] Obama stunned many by taking an impressive 43% of total white votes, cutting the Republican lead compared with 2004.
[] 66% of Hispanic voters turned out for Obama - the best ever result for a Democrat.
[] 56% of the female vote went to Obama, exceeding the usual Democrat advantage.
[] 41% of white males voted for Obama, making him the first Democrat since Jimmy Carter to take more than 38% in this category.
[] 66% of under-30's showed their support for Obama - far higher than in any previous election....
[] Nearly 25 per cent of U.S. adults - about 30 million - are Catholic and 54 per cent of them voted for pro-abortion Obama....
[] 63% of Asian voters went to the ballot for Obama....

And on and on, it went.
So, where is the article with a central focus on the reasons 'Whites' vote for Democrats? Honestly, there should be no more of these articles at all - the ones that highlight perceived race. There are truly influential factors at the heart of these choices; they are principles, morals and attitudes.
What conservatives ought to keep in mind

You know, we Conservatives.... We have a philosophy that has absolutely nothing to do with race. Nothing! Our philosophy is the most humane and compassionate philosophy known to man! And women! When we consult the Declaration of Independence and we cite it, we mean it! Unalienable rights! Not just for whites.... And women, blacks.... For everybody.... The capitalist system knows no color, knows no sex! If you go to a coffee shop.... You go to a Dunkin Donuts and you buy a donut, you don't know who made that donut - you don't know what their race is; you don't know what their religion is; you don't know a damned thing about them.... Or, the sugar.... You don't know where that came from. You don't know who's handled it. You don't know who's processed it. You don't know if they're gay or straight or, they're wearin' dresses and they're men. You don't know what color.... You don't care! You want the donut! This is the greatness of the capitalist system.
But Big Government - they wanna know all about you. They wanna know what your genitalia is. They wanna know what your color is. They wanna know what country you came from. They wanna know if you have a particular ailment. And they wanna know more and more and more, so.... So, they can treat you.... So, they can control you or, manage you - based on all these physical features. And all these things that have nothing to do with anything!
Capitalism is the purest form of humanity!
Big the worst form.

(The Mark Levin Show, July 21, 2011). We have met the enemy, and it is racialism. As Cook County's hometown hero kicks off his reelection campagin, Conservatives should keep one thing in mind regarding the various forms of warfare - class, race, religiosity, etc.. The movement will not succeed as a splintered body, divided against itself.


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