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Blacks should strike in Florida to end Stand Your Ground - Last Man Standing law

People rallied in New York City to end Stand Your Ground laws after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. With many more cases and murders since, Floridians should take their own stand to end the 'license to kill' law.
People rallied in New York City to end Stand Your Ground laws after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. With many more cases and murders since, Floridians should take their own stand to end the 'license to kill' law.
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The moral of the Michael Dunn story is Shoot to Kill. After all, if he killed all four boys in the car as they were fleeing that convenience store parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, he would have gotten off; as it is, the jury found him guilty only of "attempted murder" of the three boys he didn't kill, and couldn't quite decide if he was guilty of murdering the boy he did kill.

Had Michael Dunn murdered all 4 teenagers in that car in the parking lot of a convenience store, he would have walked free. Because there would be no one left to challenge his fabricated story of being in fear of imminent death.

That is the conclusion that must be drawn by the next cracker slinging a gun, who provokes an argument with a black teenager because he doesn't like the way he is wearing his pants slung low, he doesn't like a hoodie, he doesn't like the way he is strolling down the walk or playing music or talking on a cell phone, or "disrespects" him when he is confronted.

Florida's Stand Your Ground Law is really the "Last Man Standing Law."

In fact, if those Florida teens had a gun, they would have used it - should have used it - for their own self-defense.

But you wonder if Michael Dunn was killed, after firing first, would the black teens go free by a Florida jury?

Michael Dunn is a lying bully who was coached in the phrases he should use to trap the jury.

He is going to jail only because he shot at a moving car (that is a crime), and "attempted" murder on three teenagers. Had he shot them dead, he would have gone free with this Florida jury.

They would have swallowed his bullshit that they came out of the car and threatened him with a gun, and even if no gun was fired, he thought he was in imminent danger of being killed with their swearing.

Florida jurors are simply stupid, as they have demonstrated. If they had trouble with the "premeditated" part of First Degree murder (which does not mean that he intended days ago to kill somebody, even though Dunn had shown he was inclined), they could have opted for Second Degree or even Manslaughter.

The verdict has to be unanimous among the 12 jurors, and clearly the one or two who probably empathized with Michael Dunn's "fear" were the hold-outs.

In fact, 73% who kill a black person, face no penalty under Stand Your Ground versus 59% who kill a white person.

The reality is a 17 year old boy is dead. Murdered in a car for doing nothing but playing music loud and mouthing off when confronted by a bully.

Michael Dunn dares to say that he was in mortal fear.

Why is it that he is allowed to cast this child as a "thug" and a "gangsta" and the family of Jordan Davis isn't allowed to paint a picture of this boy?

Why is it that the prosecution could not present Michael Dunn's "state of mind" - that he had probably been drinking at his son's wedding, that he had had incidents of bullying, threatening, doing violence.

Just like in the George Zimmerman case, Angela Corey's office mounted a half-assed prosecution. They showed little interest in establishing Michael Dunn (or George Zimmerman) as being violent and having the "state of mind" to do murder, to contradict his claim of being in "mortal fear" rather than merely enraged and looking for an excuse to kill.

(See: Michael Dunn, the Murderous Bullying S.O.B. that the Jury Hardly Knew)

Why is it that the media only plays over and over his carefully rehearsed statements designed to fall into the Stand Your Ground paradigm?

And if it were a Stand Your Ground case, the judge would not have allowed it to go forward.

This is yet another example of the complete ineptitude - possibly purposeful - of Angela Corey's prosecution.

It was fascinating to hear George Zimmerman so concerned about himself, his own future, showing absolutely no remorse at all at having provoked the incident which resulted in him murdering Trayvon Martin, whose only offense was walking home in the rain with a hoodie.

Michael Dunn has no remorse. He is egging on others to take on the "gangstas".

Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman are of the same cloth: racists - and the jurors showed they were of the same mind. They could empathize with the worst stereotypes of young black men.

The Michael Dunn case just advances the idea that there is open season on black youth in Florida.

The lesson is: it's okay to assume someone is a thug. It's okay to be judge, jury and executioner.

You better be carrying a gun in Florida and you better shoot to kill. Then you will go free.

No one is safe in Florida or any of the other states that have adopted Stand Your Ground legislation, written by ALEC and the NRA, as long as Stand Your Ground - or rather Last Man Standing - continues to be law.

No one is safe anywhere there is a free-for-all to have a gun and people like Michael Dunn can readily get and wield and threaten with a gun.

People need to act since Florida lawmakers have no interest in protecting them.

People are not safe in Florida - or any of the states with Stand Your Ground.

Tourists are not safe in Florida - especially black tourists.

Blacks in Florida should strike. They should strike to show their dignity, their value.

Because it is clear Florida lawmakers disrespect their personhood.

Karen Rubin, Long Island Populist Examiner
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