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Blackphone: putting control and privacy back in consumer's hands

With the recent headlines concerning the NSA and their surveillance of phone calls, text messages, etc. consumers may have an avenue to escape the prying eyes of the NSA. Geeksphone and Silent Circle have teamed up to create the Blackphone: an unlocked GSM handset, free of carriers, and vendors. The promise of the Blackphone is to allow secure communications such as voice calls, text messages, e-mails, and file sharing among others.

Geeksphone and Silent Circle present the Blackphone

According to Silent Circle CEO Mike Janke, "Blackphone is a journey built upon privacy, control, and security, wrapped in a high-end smartphone built by a very innovative all-star team of cryptographers, security, and mobile innovators.”

Hardware specs and Android OS version have not yet been released, but it has been confirmed that the Blackphone will be running a custom version of Android dubbed “PrivatOS.” The developers have also declared that its performance will be just as good as other smartphones, and will have the same access to Android applications.

More details are expected to be revealed at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

With the promise of putting privacy and control back in the consumer’s hands, it will be interesting to see the Blackphone’s progression.

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