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Blackphone aims to give privacy back to the people

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In a world of technology and digital communication where privacy has become a luxury rather than a commodity, we wonder if smartphone-clad users can ever regain their privacy. While certain apps like Snapchat emphasise the importance of privacy in their business motto, users still have to worry about possible hackers infiltrating the system and leaking personal information out to the public. If you are a smartphone user who values their privacy, perhaps Blackphone will be the solution for you to reset your privacy barriers.

Founded by a group of international experts, Silent Circle and Geeksphone have partnered to create Blackphone, a smartphone equipped with a top notch privacy system, from the security parts of the CPU to the operating system of the apps. The smartphone also runs on PrivatOS, an Android based operating system. It gives you the freedom to carry out your daily smartphone activities in a private and secure manner. For example, you can exchange secure texts, browse privately and anonymize your activity through a VPN.

While certain young smartphone users may no longer value the importance of privacy, businessmen and professionals who carry out work tasks over their smartphones value privacy as a top priority to prevent sensitive information from leaking out to the public. Since the product has not been launched yet, at the moment it is uncertain to tell whether Blackphone will make a significant difference in the smartphone community, but the privacy and security aspect will definitely be an attractive and distinctive characteristic among other smartphones.