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Blackland Prairie Park preserves a piece of the past

Wildflowers in bloom create large swathes of color.
Wildflowers in bloom create large swathes of color.
2012 Patricia Cook

The Blackland Prairie Park in South Arlington isn’t a park in the conventional sense of the word, as it has no amenities and no access for visitors.
As it stands now, Blackland Prairie Park is 13 acres of undeveloped land, reminiscent of a time gone by. Nestled between commercial buildings and homes, if not for the fence and sign declaring the land as park space, passersby might think it only an overgrown field.
In spring, the overgrown nature of the land provides a beautiful—and quite photogenic—display of color as a wide variety of wildflowers bloom in large numbers. The park land fronts New York Avenue for a fair distance, and the fence along the north side of the land is open in places, so if it’s photographs you want, you’re likely to find a great vantage point to get as many frames and perspectives as you’d like.
The land was acquired by the City of Arlington and is administered by the parks and recreation department, with the goal of preserving and maintaining it as the last piece of undisturbed tall-grass prairie land that was once common in this part of Texas.
For beauty (at least in spring), and a glimpse into the past, Blackland Prairie is the place to go; for amenities, one of the other nearby parks (Misenhimer, Cravens, Bob McFarland, Red Kane) is sure to please. Blackland Prairie Park is located at 4907 New York Avenue.
For information about the Blackland Prairie, visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife information page.

In spring, the wildflowers give this undeveloped space a huge splash of color.
2012 Patricia Cook