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'Blackest Night' sells well in Madison

blackest night cover art
Blackest Night cover by Ivan Reis 

Anyone familiar with Westfield Comics has seen their display of the previous week’s best sellers.  And anyone who has seen this display in the last couple of months has noticed a common theme - the Blackest Night story line published by DC comics has been at the top, or near the top, of this list since July. This cross-over story is the biggest event in the DC universe this year, and Madison comic book fans have been paying attention.

The story reveals the rise of the disturbed Black Lantern, and the Black Lantern Corp. So, the obvious protagonist of the story is Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, who is the leader of the Green Lantern Corp. But, the story also branches off into other directions and follows other heroes. There have been seven different DC titles that have contributed to the story line. The titles are: The Blackest Night mini-series (which issue four out of eight will be released on October, 28th), The Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps mini-series (Which all three issues in the series were released in July), The Green Lantern ongoing series (which the Blackest Night storyline started in issue 43), The Green Lantern Corps ongoing series (which the Blackest Night storyline started in issue 39), The Blackest Night: Batman mini-series (which issue three of three will be released on October, 14th), The Blackest Night: Superman mini-series (which issue three of three will be released on October, 21st), and The Blackest Night: Titans mini-series (which issue three of three will be released on October, 28th).

Black lantern at Bruce Wayne's grave
cover of Green Lantern # 43 by Doug Mahnke

The story can be described as a cross between a horror and a space opera. The horror aspect of the story is all of earth’s dead heroes and villains have been resurrected by the Black Lantern Corp, and they all have a grudge against the living. They are not zombies, but they do have a walking-dead look to them. So far, and about half the story has been published, it has been one big battle-royal between earth’s living heroes and the resurrected dead ones (action fans will love this story), and earth’s living heroes are currently losing the battle, and in attempts to turn the tide the Green Lantern Corps have sent out an S.O.S to the other Lantern Corps throughout the galaxy (which is the space opera aspect to the story).

Batman fans should also pay attention to this story. The story promises to reveal some info on the recently deceased Bruce Wayne. In the very beginning of the story the Black Lantern robs the Bruce Wayne’s skull from his unmarked grave. The reason for this has not been revealed. Will Bruce Wayne be resurrected?  

If you are not familiar with the Green Lantern or the Lantern Corps some background info might be needed to fully appreciate the Blackest Night story. Click on Lantern Corps for more info. For even more info watch this interview with Blackest Night writer Geoff Johns.