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Blackest Night 6 Review

There's alot of colors glowing for a blackest night!
There's alot of colors glowing for a blackest night!
DC Comics

Finally an exciting issue! After months of the Black Lanterns being little more than angry sentient zombies, something cool happens. New members are inducted into all of the light corps, and one of them (a certain Superman villain) should prove quite interesting with his newfound power. Blackest Night 7 should finally have something concrete to draw readers in to a series that has yet to live up to its hype.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hal Jordan's Colorful Crew is still having trouble taking down the Black Lanterns. The Flash (Bary Allen) pulls both himself and Jordan two seconds into the future to avoid being controlled by the black rings bent on controlling them. The Atom and Mera escape from the ring they were inside after conversing with Deadman around the same time. After this the combined Lantern Corps learn that all the Black Lanterns in the universe (which may or may not be every deceased super-being ever . . . and hopefully not Darkseid since Superman already fell to the black rings) are heading towards Earth right on the heels of the very much alive John Stewart.

Seeing the desperation of the situation, and realizing that only having one representative of each respective Corps may not be enough, Ganthet activates a duplication technique in all the rings to create 24 hour deputies to assist in the battle. Ganthet takes the green ring (willpower), Barry Allen receives the blue (hope), Lex Luthor the orange (greed), Scarecrow the yellow (fear), The Atom is inducted into the indigo tribe (compassion), Mera gets a red ring (rage), and Wonder Woman becomes a Star Sapphire (love). The issue ends with a pretty cool 2 page spread showing all the characters in their new duds. The best is probably the Barry Allen, since he's now distinguishable from Wally West, something DC would be wise to take note of!