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BlackBerry Z10 tested with a hammer and knife

I came across this video earlier today, even though it was originally uploaded when BlackBerry first unveiled the Z10 on January 31st, and thought I would share it with you guys. Watch as the guys from TechRax test the durability of the BlackBerry Z10 against a hammer and knife.

How does the Z10 hold up against a hammer and knife?

I like to consider myself very careful when it comes to my BlackBerry smartphones, or all gadgets for that matter. Even to the pointed where I posted on my Twitter the first time I dropped my Z10. (Follow me?) So you can imagine how much my stomach dropped and my butt clenched when watching this video.

The brave guy from this video attacks his phone with a hammer and knife to see how it can withstand against situations that I hope will never happen to your phone. Thankfully, the screen survived the onslaughts of both tools, however the back suffered from a few scratches.

It's worth pointing out that I can't think of any instance where my phone would have to go against a hammer or knife, but it's still pretty good to see that it can hold it's own.

What are your thoughts on this durability test? Drop me a comment below!


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