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Blackberry’s QNX Debuts the car of the Future

A Canadian automotive supplier, owned by Blackberry group recently debuted what can be considered as an advanced preview of the car of the future. The software development outfit QNX, with headquarters just a few hundred kilometers east of Toronto, has firmly embedded itself in the automotive industry with development of an operating system that is set to become the default for Automakers.
The concept auto that featured a variety of applications from 13 different companies was put on display at the annual conference of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association, which was held in Canada’s automotive capital of Windsor, which is a few kilometers away from Detroit.

The fuure auto OS

The company has previously displayed some of it prowess with a connected Bentley Continental, but things have advanced to another level with the technology that is included in the 2014 Lexus RX350 crossover. The future as far as autos may be concerned may be already with on-board hands free operation, alcohol sensors, and fleet communication systems.
The vehicle was developed in partnership with APMA and the University of Waterloo, and now features much more that what was termed as infotainment. If the future unfolds as planned, drivers will have access to cloud-based systems while on the being on the move and at the same time, sensors and other automated systems will take control of steering and braking.

The company’s technology is currently in use in several autos and is part of the OnStar system used by General Motors, but as mobile technology advances the operating system that manages all other devices may actually become the gateway into the dashboards. There is no further doubt that the auto of the future will include far more software and sensors, and QNX appears to be in the perfect position. The auto of the future will include software management capability, with the myriad of devices standards and protocols, and these will undoubtedly have an impact on the manufacturing processes.

Other auto manufacturers and developers such as Ford and Qualcomm are prepared to partner with QNX, who recently announced an upgraded OS with an emphasis on automotive safety. In addition to the ability to support telematics, the company team that is fully dedicated to the auto sector, and has introduced the QNX OS for Automotive Safety which is intended to reduce the certification and costs for both safety and non-safety functions. The same that issues warning of engine malfunction will allow access to your favorite music and indicate your vehicle operation such as RPM. The new OS is scheduled for release in October of 2014.

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