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Black Women Fighting & Reality TV | Chrissy Lampkin Arrested!

Chrissy Lampkin Arrested
Chrissy Lampkin Arrested
State of New Jersey

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So usually I am all about spilling tea and giving Sista Girl Side-Eyes. Yes, I am part of the media machine that gobbles up Black Women media and spits it out for your consumption. I love seeing us in Media, looking fabulous, getting crazy, being classy or even being a little ratchet. I just wish that I could stop OTHER people from seeing it. You know what I mean, but that is another conversation.

So that being said, I am part of the "no she didn't" and let's talk about it crowd. Admittedly.
Who is Chrissy?

One of my favorite reality TV stars is Chrissy Lampkin. Chrissy Lampkin was the breakout star from the Original Love and Hip Hop (before it was even Love and Hip Hop New York)...and she is Jim Jones fiance. She is beautiful, brown and a fire cracker. When she knocked FIRE from Kimbella for sharing that she had ALSO slept with Fabolus (one of her friends babies daddies-a mess I know)...I was an instant fan.

Chrissy is quite passionate and easy to relate to. Needless to say, I love me some Chrissy. I even watch her new show where she and Jim Jones try and show the world that they are normal people in the hip hop and fashion game, Chrissy and Mr. Jones.

However my pain came when I read an article that Chrissy had been arrested for assault and disorderly conduct for fighting with a woman on December a BAR in New Jersey. And the woman had to be hospitalized. Really Chrissy? There were no cameras, so no need to turn up for coins.

It got me thinking, why are 30+ women fighting?
What happens that somebody can something to you to anger you so much that you need to lay hands on them?

True enough, I have had a scuffle or two. But now that I am 35, and I'm not as "judgment proof" as I used to be, I am careful where I go and the type of people that I go with. Fighting is not an option. You eventually have to become an adult at some point.

It also made me wonder,

what is this showing our little girls?

Not only are these people fighting for the camera's (which is bad enough), but this is REALLY how these reality stars behave. It's not surprising that Black women are not seen as feminine when we are pulling a Mama Joyce from Real Housewives of ATL and fighting our daughters friends while taking off our shoes.

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I love a little scandal and some eye cutting, but physical contact and fist to cuffs a la Jerry Springer in the 90's has got to stop. It no longer needs to be the go to solution of Black Women, especially those of us who have a little shine. We are responsible not only to ourselves but to the people that watch us and to the little girls that come after us.

So I implore all of my reality TV Diva's both brown and black: Please stop fighting.

What say you about Black Women fighting and Reality TV?

Classily Yours,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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