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Black widows manhunt suggests 'gaping holes' in Russia Olympics security

Black widows,” this is what the media is dubbing the three women at large in Russia who are believed to be suicide bombers targeting the Russian Olympics. The up-and-coming Olympics in Russia are marred with the hunt for the three black widows, as the safety of the people coming from all over the world is in question today, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Tuesday morning, Jan. 21.

'Black widows' are the three women pictured at the top, as Russian authorities scramble to find these women believe to be planning suicide bombings ahead of the Olympics. The two men are also wanted by Russian authorities and believed to be in Russia.
Images of suspects released by Russian authorities

NBC News reports today that Russian officials believe these women are set to attack between Tuesday and Thursday in Rostov-on-Don. The Olympic torch is due to arrive on Rostov-on-Don on Wednesday during its journey to Sochi. Wanted posters sporting the pictures of the black widows are posted all over the city, which is suspected to be targeted by these women suicide bombers.

Russian officials put the posters up that ask for help in finding these three women; Zaira Alieva, 26, and Jhannet Tsakhaeva, 34, who are both from the restive Russian region of Dagestan. The third so-called black widow is Oksana Aslanova, 26, from Turkmenistan.

Officials have also pinpointed two men, who they believe plan to attack in southern Russia. These men are; Ruslan Saufutdinov, 21, and Murad Musaev, 25. Their images are also seen on wanted posters throughout the area that officials believe they will target.

NBC News terrorism analyst, Evan Kohlmann said that these posters “suggest gaping holes" in security right now in Sochi.”

As the games draw near, the fear of attacks are growing, especially after a video surfaced with two men claiming responsibility for Russia’s twin bombings last month in the city of Volgograd. These men posted their video online Sunday and in it they vowed that a “surprise” is planned for Olympic tourists as well as Putin.

The black widow terror suspects are dubbed black widow because their husbands are dead and they may be seeking to avenge the death of the men they married.

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