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Black Widow movie in development!?!

Black Widow turns 50!
Black Widow turns 50!

Black Widow is now a house hold name thanks to the super sexy Scarlett Johansson. But Black Widow has been around way longer than the lovely Scarlett. This month Black Widow turns 50 years old. Black Widow 1st appeared in Tales of Suspense #52 in April 1964. She appeared as a non-costumed Russian spy named Natasha Romanova. It wasn't until July 1970 in The Amazing Spider-Man #86 that she appeared in her trade mark skin tight sexy black outfit. Natasha has been a member of the Avengers and a freelance agent of SHIELD since the 1980s.
Black Widow had her own comic series in Amazing Adventures #1-8. But the one thing she hasn't had is her own movie. Latest news to come out of Marvel is that might not be true for long. It is just in the talks, which could just mean it's written on a napkin somewhere on someones office desk. With the lack of female superhero movies, we think it would be a wonderful idea for Marvel to include more women in their franchise. Black Widow already has a huge following from comics and her role in the Avenger movies. Would like to see a Black Widow movie? If so, what story line would you want the movie to follow?