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Black watermelons at local farm stands

Black Diamond watermelons from Lucas Brothers - best watermelons ever!
Black Diamond watermelons from Lucas Brothers - best watermelons ever!
P O'Beollain

The Lucas Brothers farm stands are back for the summer, along with their wonderful Black Diamond watermelons and crazy-tender corn. The Lucas brothers operate several farm stands and offer extraordinarily fresh produce from their generations-old farm in the Sugarcreek Township/Washington Township area.

Their sweet corn is tender enough to eat raw (seriously) and their produce is a colorful array full of summertime flavor: plump red tomatoes, tender string beans, cucumbers, baby potatoes (red and yellow), cantaloupes, onions, peaches, green and yellow squash and more. The crowning glory of their late summer produce is their Black Diamond watermelons.

The melons appear black on the outside; up-close one can see that they are actually a very dark forest green. The sweet, red, interior of the fruit appears to be a ‘seedless’ fruit - happily, these are not GMO melons. The Lucas Brothers utilize a growing and harvesting process which minimizes seed size and quantity.

The ever-pleasant folks that operate the farm stands are always happy to help you find the perfect watermelon, cantaloupe or other produce, and will help select a melon that will be at the perfect peak of ripeness whenever you plan to enjoy it.

Chances are, no matter where you are in the Miami Valley, there is a Lucas Brothers farm stand not far away. Lucas Brothers farm stands are open daily from 10-5 or until they sell out, and the farm stands will be around only until around mid-September, so hurry up and find your nearest stand!

Lucas Brothers Farm stands are located on 741 in West Carrollton near Meijer’s, behind the Wal-Greens near State Route 725 and Wilmington Pike in Centerville, and across from the Subway in the shopping center at Marshall and Stroop Roads in Kettering. The brick-and-mortar Yankee Street Market is family-owned and operated by the Lucas Brothers and is located at 8487 Yankee Street.

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