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BLACK WAAT3R to change the LA music scene

We're all constantly looking for our next music fix. We always hope for a new artist or band to replace the staleness of our iTunes or Spotify, or other vehicle you use to consume music. Today we introduce you to your next obsession. There are a lot of bands that come from Los Angeles, and BLACK WAAT3R is one to keep your eye on this year. We recently attended their show during the Super Soul Mondays at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, witnessing a group that seamlessly blends old should new modern day rock and roll with hip-hop. The group is a new generation of music, bringing in new sounds of our generation. The band attributes their main influences as James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles.


BLACK WAAT3R is ‘an explosive blend of Soul and Garagefunk. Vocalist, Stevie Notes has electric and powerhouse vocals that will bring Sam Cooke to mind. Guitarist, Erick Walls delivers a melodic, southern style, reminiscent of Muddy Waters. With their tribal-style drum and bass production – it’s no wonder the members of BLACK WAAT3R are heavily decorated talents in their own right.’ They met through mutual friends a few years back, but had been working together through different circuits throughout Los Angeles. They decided to come up with a direction of where they envisioned for the industry to take musically and be ahead of the curve. They wanted to put a stamp on music that is different, and they are doing just that.

We love originality, and BLACK WAAT3R writes and produces all of their own music. Their lyrics talk about things that aren’t conventional. Things that are going on in people’s lives that aren’t being touched on; encouraging people to push their limits, but realize everyone has a breaking point.

If they were to be described in one word, one could say they are exciting. Unlike anything that you’ll see or hear, they are unique and innovative. At times they may not necessarily look the part of their music, but their backgrounds gives them that necessary leverage in the industry. When asked what makes or breaks a bands’ success, lead singer Stevie Notes and guitarist Erick Walls agreed that it is the way they make that special connection with the crowd. Even though the crowd’s mood will effect the way they play, they are committed to giving them a great show every time.

The challenge for any band at any time is to get the right exposure. For them, their music is always naturally breaking ground. They are always creating new sounds and telling different stories to reach new fans. Getting down to the grind about setting up shows and tours is difficult. Notes states “it boils down to the team and knowing your true audience to go after that as a team…going the extra mile to push for those dates.” BLACK WAAT3R has played popular venues in Los Angeles including the Roxy and The House of Blues. They will be at The Mynt on February 4th in Los Angeles. Click THIS LINK for tickets.

BLACK WAAT3R’s innovative sounds can be enjoyed in any mood you are in. Their records show an intense yet sophisticated approach to songwriting and crafting. Their newest EP ‘No Genres” will be dropping in June. It’s an album of carefully selected songs over the course of six months. As they gear up to promote the EP, check back here in June. They also have hopes of performing at this year's Sonicbids Official SXSW Party presented by JanSport. Help them play at one of the largest music festivals by voting HERE.