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Black Tide's new man behind the kit: Cody Paige interview

Cody Paige live
Cody Paige live

Black Tide has a new drummer to join their line up, and its one known in our Tampa Bay area. Cody Paige took over the Miami based band earlier this year and they wasted no time getting out on the road for their "Rise Again Tour". I was able to take a few minutes of Cody's time before their show tonight to conduct what will be my first interview on to see what its like being in the hot seat of the very popular Black Tide and to get a little of his back story.

Joey: Obvious question, how did you taking over the throne of Black Tide come about?

Cody Paige: The whole Black Tide gig came about when I got a call from them asking me to come to Miami and jam. Our bass player Ronny, found my drum cover on YouTube and that's what got them interested in me. One day we got together to jam, and the rest is history.

J: What got you into drumming and how long have you been playing?

CP: My dad was a drummer for years, so that was probably the main reason I started. One day he set up the kit when I was about five years old, and I started hitting things haha! From then on, I just kept at it and started learning songs and getting into a lot of rock and metal.

J: I can remember playing shows with you when you were in "Shades of Twilight" and I followed you when you were in "For those like us", thus far has playing with BT been different from any of your previous projects?

CP: Playing with Black Tide has been quite different than my previous bands for sure. With my other local bands, I kind of formed them and brought a lot of my close friends into the band I was in and kind of knew everyone in the local scene. With Black Tide, I jumped into a national touring rock band that has had huge success under a major label. I had to learn the songs, then we got an announcement for the tour that we're currently on with Threat Signal, Affiance and Hatchet. I also want to live up to everyone's expectations as the new drummer, being that Black Tide has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, so its definitely a step up from what I was used to in the local scene.

J: Who are your main influences in drumming?

CP: I have many influences and there are so many amazing drummers out there nowadays, but some of my big influences include, Mike Portnoy, Jason Bittner, Tommy Lee and many others.

J: Your on the road now, in your opinion what is the must haves when packing to leave on tour?

CP: Some must haves for tour are definitely clean socks and underwear. I'm kind of a clean freak so I'm always trying to clean out our van and keep things organized hah.

J: What would you say is your most memorable show?

CP: I have many memorable shows but my most memorable would probably be my first show with Black Tide.

J: What can you tell me about BT's latest album "Bite the Bullet"?

CP: "Bite the Bullet" is out latest release, even though I didn't play on the EP. We have copies for sale with us on this tour, as well as online.

J: I know your busy out there on the road, I appreciate you taking the time to be my first interview on, is there anything else you would like to add?

CP: I would like to thank you and for the interview. Thanks to everyone for the support, and come check us out on Rise Again Tour this summer!

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