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Black Stone Cherry Guitars Stollen From Benjamin Wells

Be On Alert For Stolen Guitars

Images were not taken by Helen Orcutt Photography..... They are used to promote this article and to locate these guitars!
Benjamin Wells

It has come to my attention that a young man has been hit hard by a thief! Recently eight guitars were stolen from one of the nicest young men in music today. Black Stone Cherry guitarist, Benjamin Wells has made his life with these guitars and I do not hesitate to say, Benjamin Wells would give the person the shirt off of his back, if they needed it, but instead they chose to steal his livelihood out from underneath of him. It is hard for Benjamin to make music without his guitars.

Please be on the lookout in Kentucky and surrounding areas of Glasgow, Kentucky. These guitars are highly sentimental to Benjamin and as you can tell by the images attached to this, they are easily identifiable guitars and many Concert Photographers around the nation can post images of Benjamin with his babies.

Help Benjamin Wells and the Glagow Police Department find these guitars and aid in the prosecution of the low life scumbag for this massive theft! If you see any of these guitars listed on a Buy?Sell/Trade site on Facebook or in person or have heard someone talking about them, please call 270-651-5151 or you can post their location directly on the Black Stone Cherry Facebook page; You can remain anonymous, just let Benjamin know where there are.

These guitars were recently stolen in Glasgow. They are highly sentimental to their owner. Anyone with any information about this crime is asked to contact the Glasgow Police Department at 270-651-5151.

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