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Black Shorts Baby

Sparkle shorts found at Anthropology in the Chenal Promenade.
Sparkle shorts found at Anthropology in the Chenal Promenade.

 I can't seem to get enough of black shorts. Though people don't think of wearing them in the winter or fall, it is something that any woman can pull off regardless of what the temp is outside. Whether going to work, (opt for a longer hem), or just running errands or going out, black shorts are one of the most versatile pieces that people seem to forget even exists.

There are many ways to winterize black shorts, as long as they are not of a linen material, you're good to go. The key to this look in cooler months is layering. Whether wearing tights, leg warmers, or leggings underneath, the look can be taken from preppy to rocker with the switch of a hat, or possible glove.

Make sure that you are warm when trying this look though, because the worst thing about a style is that it needs to be comfortable for you. If going to work, flats with pearls or a simple necklace and button down shirt are more than worthy. Feel free to add your favorite blazer and overcoat if necessary. Tights or pantyhose can complete the look. If it's super chilly, add a scarf for extra warmth.

If going around town for the day wear comfortable shoes, the same as above applies, except that you can wear whatever jewelry or top you'd like to layer along with it. Cardigans always look great with this look, so don't be afraid to add piece atop piece. The same goes for a night out, except heels are more than acceptable. Whether you pair booties or boots, or oxford pumps, the look can go anywhere. Leather jackets can spice the look up some and throw on as many mix and match jewelry pieces as your heart desires. 

Remember, the best thing about this look is that it is a breath of fresh air from the normal fall and winter styles. Black shorts can be played over and over like your favorite cd or song, so snatch yourself a pair.

Black Shorts featured found at Anthropology in the Chenal Promenade.