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'Black Sails': Toby Stephens and Hannah New on Captain Flint and Eleanor Guthrie

"Black Sails" premieres tomorrow on Starz, and on Friday, Jan. 24, we uploaded our final video interview with the cast, this one with Toby Stephens and Hannah New.

Toby Stephens plays Captain Flint in 'Black Sails'

As you know, "Black Sails" isn't going to feature the clichés about pirates. "That's part of the fun of this and what's really exciting about this series is that we are taking something that's such a cliché-ridden story and world and we're creating something that is real and it's in a historical context that is real," Stephens said. "This has a place in time and there's a pragmatic sense of these guys are there earning a living, and it's a really dangerous world. …They're doing this because they have to survive."

And even if you're not so sure about watching a pirate show even without the clichés, if you're into another kind of show, this might be worth checking out, as the actor also described the show as "like an office situation": "What I love about what Jon [Steinberg] said the other day as well was that really at the end of the day, what this is, is like an office situation, where these guys go to work and they work on the ship and they all have relationships that totally reflect a modern society."

As for their characters, Stephens plays Captain Flint, the Captain of the Walrus. "When we meet him in the first episode, he's historically been the biggest earner on the island. He has the most fearsome reputation. He's got the best crew. But he's hit on a fallow period where he hasn't been earning quite so much money and his crew's been having discontent and there's a character who wants to become Captain instead of him. He believes he's better and he can do better and they want to get rid of Flint. At the time these crew were democratic. You voted a captain on and off a shift and the only time a Captain had absolute control was during battle. So there's a sense that Flint, he's this terrifying figure, but he's on the edge," he explained. "He's a very enigmatic character. You don't know really what's driving him. …That's revealed slowly throughout the series and especially in the second series."

As for New, she plays Eleanor Guthrie, the fence for the pirates. "She's kind of the main economical political power on the island, and the pirates basically have to vie for her favor," New previewed. "She's a very determined young woman who is a very astute businesswoman."

Check out the video interview above (or here) for more from Toby Stephens and Hannah New.

"Black Sails" airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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