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'Black Sails': Jessica Parker Kennedy and Luke Arnold discuss their characters

The "Black Sails" premiere is only a couple of days away, and on Thursday, Jan. 23, we uploaded a video interview with Jessica Parker Kennedy and Luke Arnold previewing the series.

Luke Arnold plays John Silver in "Black Sails"

"There's nothing on TV even remotely like this," Kennedy said of "Black Sails." "It's completely unique and who doesn't want to be on a TV show about pirates?" Arnold echoed her thoughts when it came to being drawn in to the series. "It's the kind of role you always hope would come out and pray you get it, so when I had an opportunity to be on this show, I was absolutely jumping at the chance."

As for their characters, Arnold plays John Silver. "At the beginning of this, he's not a pirate," the actor explained. "He's on a merchant vessel that's taken over by Flint's crew and the audience gets to go along with him as he gets introduced to this pirate world for the first time." Does knowing where his character ends up come into play? "All I want to do is know how he loses his leg and what happened after," he admitted. "The beauty of this long form television show is that it's just going to be a million twists and turns before we get there. In a way the fun thing now is to play against that and give as much distance to go between who he is now as a young man and who he becomes by the time we're in the book."

Meanwhile, Kennedy plays Max. "I play a young prostitute in Nassau," the actress said. "I work at one of the many brothels there, and it's just a battle of survival for her. It's a very difficult job…and she's really forced to use her wits, her power of seduction, and her manipulative abilities to survive." In fact, Max and Silver are sort of partners in crime in the beginning, but they're not fooling themselves in thinking there's any real loyalty there. It is all about survival.

Check out the video interview above (or here) for more from Jessica Parker Kennedy and Luke Arnold.

"Black Sails" airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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