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Black rhino hunting permit winner receives death threats

According to an article published by USA Today on Jan. 16, the man that paid $350,000 for the chance to hunt and kill an endangered African black rhino now fears for his safety.

 Black rhino hunting permit winner receives death threats
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

USA Today reports that Corey Knowlton started receiving death threats after he was announced as the winner of an action that will allow him to hunt and kill a black rhino. Reports indicate that Knowlton has received so many threats that law enforcement are now taking steps to keep him safe.

Knowlton is reported to have hunted all over the world, and says he is looking forward to experiencing a black rhino. However, he stresses that his bid wasn't just about killing a rhino. He points out that the Dallas Safari Club was auctioning the hunt to help raise money to aid in protecting black rhinoceroses, which are endangered.

Knowlton insists that the rhino he will be hunting will be killed even if he isn't the one killing it. He points out that the hunt is well-managed, and that he is targeting an older, aggressive male rhino that is terrorizing the rest of the herd.

The World Wide Fund for Nature says that there are currently 4,838 black rhinoceroses in the wild, which is double the number that was recorded in 1993.

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