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Black Republican schools 'KKK hood' Democrat Brett Hulsey on racism

Brett Hulsey, the Wisconsin Democrat running to replace Republican Gov. Scott Walker, got a little more than he bargained for when he was schooled by a black Republican woman outside the state GOP convention, BizPacReview reported Saturday. Initially, Hulsey was set to hand out homemade KKK hoods at the convention, but changed his mind after being excoriated by both Democrats and Republicans.

Brett Hulsey
Wisconsin Legislature

Instead of handing out hoods, Hulsey dressed in a homemade, inaccurate, rendition of a Confederate uniform and went to the convention, apparently seeking to harass Republicans. Instead, he got educated by Pam Stevens, the delegate in the video.

Hulsey, holding a homemade sign, attempted to tell Stevens that Walker's policies amount to racism, but she responded by reminding him that Democrats started the KKK. She also said Democrats are "constantly" working to divide people with labels.

"No, we want to stop racism," Hulsey said, but Stevens disagreed sharply.

"No, you're not trying to stop racism," she said. "You're trying to keep racism going, because your party is the party that tells black families how to make choices" in education and housing, she added.

After getting an earful, Hulsey decided to move on, apparently unwilling to listen to what Stevens had to say and unable to counter her arguments.

Hulsey is becoming fairly well known for his outrageous antics, and was called a "real one-man circus act" by the Wisconsin State Journal on Saturday. It wasn't that long ago, Ben Bromley said, that Hulsey was a little-known assemblyman serving a Madison district.

Even before this run for the governor's seat, Bromley said, Hulsey's antics got him in a bit of trouble with authorities. In 2012, for example, he flipped a boy off an inner tube and took pictures of him at a Madison beach. He was charged with disorderly conduct and plead no contest. A legislative aide told police last year she was “terrified” around him after he brought a box cutter into the Capitol building and urged her to join him for self-defense training.

"Meanwhile," Bromley added, "he used campaign funds to pay for an old convertible and register for a triathlon. Why this guy doesn’t have a prime-time slot on E! is beyond me."

Video of the encounter can be seen above.

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