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'Black Ops 2': New hack exposed in video, Nuketown zombies map available for PC

While much of the excitement around “Black Ops 2” is dying down, the cheaters persist but at least they are still creative in their methods of ruining multiplayer gaming. A new video discussed on Jan. 21 and posted to by whatupbiotch, shows the hack in action.

Cheater video screenshot
whatupbiotch via

In the video, notice how the enemy being targeted freezes before the player shoots them each time.

“When viewed in Black Ops 2's Theater Mode, the cheater appears to be moving fine while every other non-cheating player in the game appears to be affected by the lag and stuck in place while the cheater performs his kills repeatedly.”

Despite taking a serious stance on the issue of cheating in “Black Ops 2”, there are plenty of cheats and hack available on all platforms of the game. There is little that can be done about them except hope they are exposed and banned. When you run into one of them, just laugh to yourself and move on. They know and you know, they did not really beat you and all they really want is to get people upset.

In more positive news, the Nuketown Zombies bonus map is finally available for download today according to As many fans of the game know, our friends on Xbox have been enjoying the map since Dec. 12, but now all platforms can enjoy the map. If still need the game, the standard version of “Black Ops 2” is $59.99 or, upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition for $79.99 on Steam.


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