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Black-on-black murder is greater threat than police violence in Prince George's

Where are Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or the other clergy while blacks kill blacks in Prince George's County?
Where are Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or the other clergy while blacks kill blacks in Prince George's County?
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

A recent Washington Post letter writer wants society to get real about racism. She thinks that that four cases of blacks being killed by white cops, two of the cases ruled justifiable, during a more than 15-year span constitutes a racist plot by police.

“The only time we discuss race openly and honestly is when we’re forced to — when young black men are killed for walking down the middle of the street, walking home from the store, reaching for their wallets or whatever,” Antoinette Cleveland wrote Aug. 24. “If we continue to ignore the malignancy of racism spreading across the United States, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo and so many others will be remembered as just a group of dead young black men. That’s why there’s rage in Ferguson.”

She says it is 2014 and the scenes in Ferguson, Mo., look like 1968. That makes one wonder if Ms. Cleveland was around in 1968 or ever read a history of the time.

Just for perspective’s sake, police officers were tried and found not guilty in the Bell and Diallo cases. NYPD officers Justin Damico and Daniel Pantaleo were placed on desk duty, the latter stripped of his service gun and badge in the Garner case.

As Garner was approached by Damico, Pantaleo came from behind and put Garner on the ground with a chokehold. Garner died minutes later. Medical examiners concluded a chokehold and chest compression as the primary causes of Garner’s death and his heart problems, obesity and asthma as additional factors. The death was ruled a homicide.

Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer Johannes Mehserle shot and killed Oscar Grant III New Year’s Day 2009. Several officers were restraining Grant who was laying face down but resisting arrest, according to police. Mehserle stood and, according to his attorney, said: “Get back, I’m gonna Tase him.” Then Mehserle drew his gun and shot Grant once in the back. Mehserle’s attorney, argued that his client mistakenly shot Grant with his pistol, intending to use his Taser. Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by a Los Angeles jury. He served two years in an LA jail.

Ms. Cleveland, Rev. Al Sharpton, White House officials and Attorney General Eric Holder should show some concern over blacks killing blacks weekly in Prince George’s County. Of course it is not national news, but is a far greater threat to blacks than the police force.

For instance, authorities charged Antjuon Onhale Riddick with first-degree murder Aug. 25. Investigators said Riddick is connected to the Sunday shooting of Kenneth Antoine Jones of Southeast D.C.

Tor Chiumba Campbell was arrested Aug. 19, a day after the slaying of Shauntelle Lewis. Her body was found in her Landover home just one block from where a 3-year-old girl was killed a few days earlier. The deaths are unconnected. Lewis was Campbells’ former girlfriend.


A Landover, Md., man who participated in an Aug 17 shootout with police on Branch Ave., with his 3-year-old daughter beside him, appears to have stabbed and shot the girl before he was killed by officers, Prince George’s County officials said.

Police identified the man as Frederick Roy Miller, 38. Court records identify his daughter, who was a passenger in the car her father drove while firing at police, as Laila Miller.

The chase began Saturday afternoon after Miller allegedly shot Laila’s maternal grandfather and great-grandmother at a home in Camp Springs. Both were hospitalized in critical condition Aug. 17.

Prince George’s police said a man killed his estranged wife and another woman in District Heights before fatally shooting himself Aug 15. Leroy Johnson of Oxon Hill was identified as the killer. His wife, 43-year-old Angela Johnson of Oxon Hill; and 42-year-old Zonita Roberts, an acquaintance, of Smyrna, GA, were murdered by Johnson.

Three-year-old Knijah Amore Bibb was shot to death Aug. 10 by a man arguing about clothes. The Bibb’s family was visiting the residence.

Davon Antwan Wallace had just gotten into a fight over clothes with his girlfriend’s brother at the house in Landover, so he left and returned with a handgun, Prince George’s County Police said. Shooting blindly into the house, Wallace fired about half a dozen shots from the yard into the second floor. He was aiming for the teenager with whom he had the altercation 10 minutes earlier, police said.

Police arrested Brian Ray Campbell of Landover, and charged him with first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter, accessory before the fact, accessory after the fact and other related charges Aug. 15. The preliminary investigation revealed Campbell allegedly gave Wallace a gun before the murder. Campbell also drove Wallace from the neighborhood following the fatal shooting, according to authorities. Campbell was arrested at police headquarters. He is being held at the Department of Corrections on a no bond status. Wallace is still at large.

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