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One thing that's going to really help young black children is home schooling.

Welcome to homeschooling. The original schooling.

If mom and dad could work less hours and less days because of automation increasing the efficiency of food production. And black people having a greater ability to acquire resources. Then feasibly both parents can stay home more often and educate their children themselves.

Here are some facts, ideas and hypotheses about home education.

Facts :

Home schooling is cheaper. Public schools have been shown to receive somewhere around $10,000 dollars for each child. Private schools need roughly half as much for each student up until the students attend college than it appears to reverse. Where as home schooling has a large range of variation. With some parents spending only a few hundred dollars a year for each of their children.

Home schooled children have better knowledge and better ability to acquire knowledge for themselves. It appears that as long as the child is given a set curriculum and really taught the basic skills but is also encouraged to explore other things that interests them. Then they actually do better at test taking and perform higher in terms of learning new things.

Home schooled children seem happier, healthier and better adjusted to adult life according to 20 years long study.

Ideas :

Home schooling appears to create less violence. Some studies(but very few) and some anecdotal evidence that there may be significantly less violence from people who have been home schooled vs public or even private school students.

People who home school appear to have a better relationship with their children. Parents who home school literally know their child as a human being. Can easily find out what they're interested in doing which would then drastically increase the childs chance of picking a career in a filed that suits them. The parent and child may have less stress, less fear, which would then lead to a healthier lifestyle and a longer lifespan.

Home schooled children appear to be more responsible and less promiscuous. Because they have such a stronger bonding with their parents. They're less likely to form cliques, act out irrationally, bend to peer pressure and think critically before making a major decision that may or may not involve another human being. ;-)

Hypothesis :

Human beings who have been educated, nurtured and respected by their parents could end up creating a society that humanity has never seen. A heaven compared to the world we live in now. To be continued...

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