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Black modern living : 3B-2 : Education not indoctrination please.

Education : The field of study that deals mainly with methods of teaching and learning in schools. Learning that takes place in schools or school-like environments (formal education) or in the world at large; the transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of a society. From

Indoctrination : To imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle. Also from

Some facts about humans in our history and our unique physiology.

Humans have no fangs, claws, spines, natural body armor, club tails or poisonous fluids we produce. We're also the slowest running species, lower bone density, less muscle mass and don't have fur covering our bodies. Because of this we are easy prey for predatory animals. So the only way for our ancestors to survive was to
A. Form large groups
B. Do things in the group that is beneficial to every member of the group
C. Force these same behaviors onto our children and
D. Severely punish them if they don't copy what we were doing to survive

Problem with that mechanism is that today where 99.9999999% of humans will never encounter a predatory animal. We still have this now destructive behavior of forcing our children to do what we say. Making them copy what we're doing. Punish them if they don't follow our mandates.

We need to grow out of this mind set. We're not out on a farm surrounded by heavy machinery. Most of us will never go to war let alone get attacked by an animal. We need not continue this behavior of forcing children to what we want. We need to encourage children to learn something that benefits them. They need to learn how to obtain knowledge and question the world around them. That includes challenging the beliefs of their elders.

Unfortunately the vast majority of us still believe that children should learn subjects that teachers force onto them. Follow curriculum that are chosen for them. We've been doing this for tens of thousands of years and unfortunately it got worse with modern education. Not better. It got worse when education became centralized and further centralized by government. (public school)

The idea that children must be in school is NOT a Federal Law. It is State law. State laws on education.
Compulsory Education Students under pressure.

And a lot of state laws can be challenged. And The United States does recognize a few alternative education solutions. Otherwise there would be no such thing as Homeschooling.

To be continued...

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