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Black modern living : 3A-2 : The decline

The decline.

Could any of us pass this test today?

In todays schooling. Much of the curriculum is based off of memorization, following instructions and test taking. Notice how in class children must sit down, not speak unless called upon, never prove the teacher is incorrect and memorize useless info that must be regurgitated on a quiz or a test. And when a test is taken 90% of the time the test or quiz is multiple choice. No critical thinking skills necessary. Just read, remember and choose the right answer.

Examples :Modern 8th grade Biology Examination 2009 Modern 8th grade English Examination 2009

Notice how much of the test is multiple choice. Looking at something on the page and just picking out facts and filling in the answer that matches what is shown. Exactly where is the critical thinking? Where is the obtaining of knowledge? What impact will this have on students later on in life? Nothing!

Now take a brief look at a test or examination from roughly one century ago. Back then an eighth grader not only had to have more knowledge. But they also had to explain what their answers meant. Had to come up with the answers themselves, no multiple choice and had to basic knowledge of the world around them. And much of this knowledge appears to be more connected with everyday reality unlike today's testing. Also notice that A. Much of the information is on the level of a college test today and B. More thought has to be put into the responses than in today's tests if you compare and contrast.

Examples : History maps the decline. Ten claims about higher education. More info

1895 8th grade Examination 1912 8th grade examination 1895 exam revisited

Why the decline?

As stated in 3A-1 children learn differently. But when we are forced into school. We are forced to learn exactly the way the teacher wants and are not allowed to learn any other way. It's a fact that children have different learning styles, learn at different paces and learn from each other as much as they do from the teacher. Mixed age learning is superior to age segregation.

The teacher has the power to punish, humiliate and in some areas beat a child who goes against their idea of what is right and wrong. Even if the teacher is proven to be incorrect. As far as they're concerned. Their word is the law of the classroom. Some adults teachers, parents, faculty etc. even believe it's okay to drug a child who isn't "getting along" in class.

Increasingly modern education seems to be geared politically, emotionally and financially towards girls. Gym is being taken away from some schools, recess almost doesn't exist anymore, shop class doesn't exist anymore, math and science classes have been shown to be getting less funding and attention than language and art classes.

So much of today's learning is not learning it's simply the robotic process of test taking. They're not being examined to see if they learned something. They're just being made to regurgitate info onto a multiple choice page and being passed along if they do a good job. This also has a lot to do with how some teachers get paid. :-(

Too much technology is being applied to children to learn when it's never been proven to improve their ability to learn. In a "hostile environment of bullying, test taking, authoritarian rule, punishment and drugging". Exactly how does a laptop make any difference?

The results of disrespecting different learning types, forcing children to learn all the same way, being under a violent authoritarian, the disparity between how boys and girls are educated, gearing everyone towards test taking and wasting funds on technology in this hostile environment Is the organic machine. The bio android. The lifeless, soulless, brainless being who has literally had creativity smashed out of them.

And we wonder why many young people are finding it difficult to land jobs or create something of value for themselves in this dinosaur economy.

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