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Black misery, minority exploitation,drug legaliization.

The Grumpy Libertarian has often called for the blanket legalization of drugs for a number of reasons. Firstly, to end the black market profitability of drug trafficking, of course. Secondary and tertiary reasons abound, descending from the first: To defund the cartels and militant, violent, Latino street/prison gangs, to make users a medical and social services problem rather than prison inmates, and, on a philosophical level, to stop the state mandating what we may put into our bodies . . . and now, after reading an excruciating piece in the NYT, a source usually on my “ridiculous” list, for sheer humanity vis-à-vis minority youth.
Black Kids stuck in our cities are living in a world of no-father homes, of almost no hope of employment, of everyday violence. They are additionally living as fugitives. No money, so no bus fares, so many failures to appear, on what are often petty charges. Broke, no place to go but street corners, and often seriously hungry. No wonder many turn to drug dealing. Young. So take away that recourse, and of course it becomes less common. That does not cure the hunger, the lack of ability to gain employment, and the poisonous culture.
There are many folks agitating for parental responsibility. Not just the churches, but iconic figures like Bill Cosby. Until having multiple “Baby Mamas” becomes shameful, rather than a boast, even the cessation of drug-black-market perversion will do no good in that arena.
However, there is a lot we can do as a society to ease the misery and lower class status of the black community. We can put an end to the influx of illegal immigration that stifles low end employment and overwhelms minority employment. A touch of reality here; are you going to hire a van full of illegals with a strong anti-theft ethic or a reluctant cohort of black kids who will steal you blind? Some societal shift from the community needs to occur. Some resurgence of moral behavior is required for there to be a route out of this mess.
I served in Vietnam. Twice. The majority of my NCOs on my first tour were black. My first writing teacher was black, my first Karate Sensei (and my best lifetime friend) the same. I’m currently in It training, with black instructors who make me feel dumb daily, and whose patience I marvel at. It is not a disparity in capability or potential. It is a pernicious situation set up by stupid laws, greedy prosecutorial/judicial/incarceration establishments. Try just sitting in a car watching a black neighborhood anywhere in major city California. The police surveillance and presence is stifling. PTSD has to be being caused. Any one in those places has no reason to call on police for help.
California is shooting itself in the foot. And a lot of other states are hopping about and howling as well.

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