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Black male students doomed by black democrats

Any Democrat Will Do
Any Democrat Will Do

Public schools have clearly failed black families in cities dominated by the democrat party. Note that I don’t blame mainstream democrats, soaked in white guilt, for for the problem. Indeed, at one point, before the Peasant King, Rich Daley, commandeered control of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in 1995, the school superintendent, the school board president, and the president of the teachers’ union were all black. And the schools sucked. Then Holy Irish Emperor, Daley, abruptly installed a balding bean counter from City Hall, Paul Vallas, as schools CEO. Fifteen years and a Goofy Duncan and a Gay Huberman later, CPS still sucks. Now that Daley has abdicated the throne, I suspect Negroes will fend off a challenge from the Hispanic community and recapture Education Hill as the next socialist mayor is likely to surrender the public schools to middle class blacks as the first Mayor Daley did.

But before I go any further let me give my detractors Full Disclosure, something the stealth Marxists and closet Bolsheviks in this town will never do: I am a former democrat converted to an evil black conservative that usually votes republican. Why? I have many reasons, most are based on national security and anti-Keynesian economics, but the most compelling reason is that when I see a herd of lemmings jumping off of a cliff to their own self-destruction, I go the other way. Black folks vote consistently for the democrat party at rates that exceed ninety percent. Sure Barack received 96 percent of the 2008 black vote in an understandably historic event, but Al the Bore Gore got 95 percent in 2000 and John Kerry, who also oozes charisma and animal magnetism, got 93 percent in 2004. The black vote is automatic, just like bad television and high taxes.

Blacks have voted for the donkey party as a thoughtless monolith since the ascendency of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Yeah, Frankie was cool, articulate, and committed. But, contrary to conventional thinking, he also extended the depression with mistaken fiscal policy and failed to protect us from the predictable disaster at Pearl Harbor. Before FDR, Negroes mindlessly voted republican because that was the party of Lincoln the Emancipator. Single-track thinking and herd mentality was understandable then, but not now; not today. The absolute absence of independent black analysis and political acumen in the 21st century has run its course with me; I am sick of it. Don’t waste time calling me an Uncle Tom or a sell-out because I prefer to figure things out for myself without any help from the black church and the poverty pimps that run them. At this point I am immune to both ‘groupthink,' and choral criticism from the ‘amen corner.’

The democrats could run Howard the Duck for office and blacks would would gulp down the Duck-Aid and vote for a web-footed savior. We have a seminal off-year election coming up in November after a democrat President, democrat House, and democrat Senate spent over $863 billion to stimulate the economy with a promise to keep unemployment rates below eight percent. Obama’s ‘shovel-ready jobs never materialized, as he admitted last week in the New York Times, and the jobless rate soared to 9.6% with no sign of abating. We have no bloody idea where all that money went. What we do know is that the national debt is at a record $13 trillion and climbing while the Obama regime threatens to inject our anemic economy with another dose of stimulus with a tax increase chaser.

Folks do not conveniently confuse Obama’s stimulus money with Bush’s pre-Obama TARP bucks, they are quite different. Also, do not forget that Nancy the Pelosi has been driving a democrat Congress since 2006, four full years; and no fiscal legislation is passed unless it is initiated in the House of Representatives. Still all the polls show African-Americans supporting democrats to their usual tune of 91% when every other identifiable demographic group, including Retarded Trans-Gender Midgets, are trending toward voting republican. Even incumbent democrats are denouncing Pelosi and avoiding Obama. What is it that the rest of the nation sees that is invisible to colored people?

Is bad school performance invisible? The 2008 high school graduation rates for black males in the following cities with leftist mayors were: Washington D.C. (41%) Chicago (44%) Detroit (27%) New York (28%) and Los Angeles (40%). Don’t start with me, Bloomberg is no conservative. None of these silly democrat towns can graduate even half of their black students, even with severely watered-down curriculums. That’s right, do not presume that a graduate from one of these city’s high schools is literate. Since the truth as I see it is likely to embarrass black folks as I go deeper into this subject, let me discourage my brothers and sisters from reading this article by hitting you with more quantitative facts. We all know that facts, figures, and statistics repulse black people and make them so disoriented that they cannot think rationally.

Black jobs are definitely invisible. Though the national unemployment rate is just under 10%, black male jobless rates in those same cites with the grim graduation stats quoted above are: D.C. (32%) Chicago (44%) Detroit (60%) NYC (40%), and LA (45%). So how is that War on Poverty you voted for 45 years ago working out for yall? It is no coincidence that these democrat villages have produced African-American idiots like Marion Berry a D.C. multiple felon; the Can’t Dance Jackson Mafia in Chicago, Kwame Kilpatrick one of many elected Detroit felons, Charlie Rangel under congressional investigation from NY, and Maxine Waters under congressional investigation from LA. You can see that black-on-black crime is not limited to homicide.

People, these are facts and even if half of them were wrong, black Americans who are waiting for the democrat party to save them from their own self-inflicted wounds are endangering the species. You think not?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that obesity, lupus, and HIV/AIDS affect black women disproportionately and they live five years less than white women. Additionally, black men suffer far worse health than other racial groups and 40% die prematurely from cardiovascular disease. The rate for white men is 27%. Consequently the brothers live seven years less than their peers. Black men are the only demographic group in the history of our nation to go backwards in life expectancy.

I could go on and on with dismal data but I think you get the picture. If blacks are uneducated, jobless, and dying I would call that a crisis reasonable people could not ignore. It would also seem to me that whatever it is black folks have been doing for the last half-century is not working very well. Outside of professional sports I defy anyone to provide me with a single positive statistic regarding black male life in, this, the most prosperous country the world has ever known. If you can find one just write it, and your source, in the comment box below. But do not waste my time and this column’s limited space with emotional and unsubstantiated opinion.

I am fed up with Al Sharpton-type diatribes constructed to frighten white media and extract white guilt. I am bored with the collective excuse-making for black middle-class opportunists like jailbird Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson, caught with $100 thousand of dirty cash in his refrigerator; and Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings who was impeached when he was a federal judge, yet these guys, like Waters and Rangel are elected or re-elected to public office by their Negro constituents AFTER their misconduct has become public record. Hell, Monica Conyers, wife of the sitting Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, John Conyers, was sentenced this year to three years in prison for bribery. Yet, Johnny the unrepentant Michigan leftist still uses his podium to lecture bad republicans on their capitalist behavior. He was the guy that insisted on impeaching George Bush. He should have kept an eye on his wife just as Kwame's mother, ex-Congressman Carolyn Kilpatrick should have hog-tied her son. Frankly, were it not for Jesse Jackson, Jr wearing a 'wire' in the Blagojevich debacle, we would probably have that family holding City Hall hostage in 2011.

Is it any wonder that democrat party leadership takes the black vote for granted? If not for granted, then for comedy relief. Hostility for republicans is so intense among urban blacks that the Clintons, Cuomos, Kennedys, Rockefellers, and Mansons of the world don’t have to do anything to secure the African-American vote except to shout: THE REPUBLICANS ARE COMING! I, for one, have had enough of this anti-intellectual and counter-productive group think, especially since the group isn’t really thinking, it is just feeling its way through life like a blind man with one foot nailed to the floor. The rest of the country will move on after the November elections and try to put the pieces back together again now that we know that our American Idol President was no more ready for the White House than he was for the Nobel Prize. Sadly, I fear Negro America will just keep on digging in that same hole.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago


  • Truth Seeker 4 years ago

    Now that dose of truth speak was so refreshing to finally
    hear,. I saw first hand black males refusing to go to class in the 70's.My 1979' yearbook is 50%black faces that I never saw in any class, ...

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I blame the Democrat-only Blacks in the USA on the likes of Bev Smith and other WVON-type media folks who falsely preach that every Republican is hateful and prejudiced while spreading hate themselves. While Bev is the worst in media, we have Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama in politics preaching the same hate for Republicans and in-turn, White folks. The politicians' race-hating is disguised behind other terms such as Republican, wealthy, whatever, but it all comes down to preaching hate of Whites.
    How do people like Bev Smith get away with it? If she were any other race preaching her hate for another race, she'd be off the air by now. Nobody has the guts to stand up to a racist Black like Smith, and therefore she's allowed to continue her race-hating.
    I totally blame her and people like her for the race problems in this country.
    Back on topic, I hope the next mayor has a better balance of the races in his administration's education branch.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I, too, am appalled by Bev Smith and her kind. She projects nothing but hate and racism. Her hate is dangerous to American's well-being. Apparently, she was raised on the teachings of Rev. (what a joke) Jesse Jackson.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    It's about time someone told it like it is.
    Great Article

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Though it's not appropriate to call Huberman 'gay' -
    you make some valid points here. I agree with the person writing about Jesse Jackson and other black media making careers off of hating non-blacks. It needs to stop just like the whites are stopped when they dare blurt out anything that can be taken as hateful or racist.

  • Profile picture of Edward Hayes
    Edward Hayes 4 years ago

    Respectfully, I have to defend my mention of Huberman's sexual orientation. 1. He is running a school system in which his biggest population group, African-Americans, has a 70% illegitimate birth rate which is the core source of its biggest problems. Plus black culture eschews homosexuals. 2. His 2nd biggest client group are Hispanics who are Catholic and macho. The Vatican is officially anti-homosexual. (I wish all their MIdwest priests were). The Gay Huberman, who has adopted a child with his partner, still will never know what it is truly like when a fragile and angry single black mom creates a chaotic scene in the principal's office because the school is 'picking' on the only possession she has in a rough life, her baby. Additionally, CPS is currently in the throes of a month-long Latina parent sit-in at Whittier Elementary School, a historical first for Chicago that Huberman has timidly avoided. The Peasant King's appointment of a 'man' who has no traditional family of his own, and whose previous contact with kids was as a policeman shows how much Daley did not care about his minority parents which constitute 80% of CPS students. There are 3 million citizens in Chicago, and everyone of them is just as qualified as Huberman to run CPS, so why choose a guy with these limitations? Furthermore, now that I put muself in this Pandora's Box, regardless of how accepting I may or may not be toward homosexuals, gay people have a problem being gay, that is why they have such a horrid suicide rate. Lastly, I have a long record of protecting both gay students and gay teachers from discrimination so I have no guilt in bringing the subject up. BTW, I think America got a huge lesson in Political Correctness yesterday with NPR firing Juan Williams. I served 29 years in the military to preserve our Freedom of Speech; I ain't giving it up here. Edward

  • Ed Hayes 4 years ago

    I am no longer writing for Examiner due to a conflict over 'creative freedom.' Thanks to my readers and subscribers, but I have chosen not to be censored.

  • Minnesota 4 years ago

    Please start your own blog & let us know when!

  • Ed Hayes 4 years ago

    Minnesota: I will think about it. But for now here is my last piece.

  • Minnesota 4 years ago

    Ed...finally an administrator with some common sense. Wish I had you as my principal! Keep writing. Still hoping you start your own blog.

  • Ben 4 years ago

    IWhat the hell is your problem you uncle Tom fake ass fool. How dare you write a article like this. All you did was open up something where a bunch of white face black hating idiots can just come along and agree with you. For every corner on this earth where blacks are suffering which is everywhere. Is because of obstacles that was put in place to always keep the black race behind Whites. If you think this is not true you lieing to yourself about reality. I understand whites don't like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton but these folks are real blacks leaders that want something better for blacks then what they are receiving from white society. Whites Didn't like MLK or Malcom X or Abraham Lincoln. And why cause they lost their lives fighting for conditions to be better for blacks. So all I'm saying is for a black man over the age of 50 years old to say black folks its all on you now and to stop blaming the folks that purposely continuing to keep you back (Whites). To stop supporting the democrats like that really makes a difference and to start thinking now. I remember reading your republican loving examiner paper and remember this funny looking old bald black man bassing president Obama. I glad they cut you special interest having weak ass. You are black you are weak you are a fool and your a fake.

  • Ed Hayes 4 years ago

    Ben,the exuberant namecalling is characteristic of emotional analysis and issue avoidance. If you took an objective look at the status of black folks in America, you would acknowledge that it is continually deteriorating as a small percentage of black elite distance themselves from a growing mass of politically dependent 'victims.' Furthermore, all Americans still have the right to express ourselves without fear of threats. Your outrage with an opinion different from yours underlies a basic problem among monolithic black Americans: We do not understand capitalism and individualism; and as a result play baseball in a football stadium and are forever wondering why the score is always against us. If you are happy with black politicians like Charlie Rangel and Marion Berry, fine; enjoy your third-world status.

  • Minnesota 4 years ago

    Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom was an admirable and dignified man who stood up for his beliefs and sacrficed his life to help others escape slavery.
    MLK, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, JC Watts, Bill Cosby, Barack Obama and multitudes of others have been labeled "Uncle Tom's".
    Clearly there is institutional racism, racial profiling, etc. in our society but I refuse to let that make me a victim.

  • TheArtistOfLeonardo 3 years ago

    This article is unnauturally hillarious!!!!!!!

  • Ed, Army of the United States, Retired 3 years ago

    It' has been a couple of years since I wrote this article while stationed in Baghdad and working for General Ray Odierno. I just returned from my absolutely last tour-of-duty in Bagram, Afghanistan. Thanks be to God, my minor injury sustained in a random Taliban rocket attack has healed and I am safely back in CONUS. I am entering Full Metal Retirement in an undisclosed location that definitely is not the Gulag of Chicago. The point is, I have re-read this article and if I had not written it in 2010, I'd write it today, in bold print. Signing off. Ed

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