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Black Leader: ‘Donald Sterling is being treated like a Nazi at Nuremberg’

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling stands on the sidelines before the game with the Memphis Grizzlies
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Conservative black leader, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND (Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny), spoke out through email communications about NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s announcement that Clippers owner Donald Sterling will be suspended for life and fined $2.5 million for offensive remarks he made about blacks to his mistress.

Sterling’s mistress, V. Stiviano allegedly secretly recorded the conversation and then leaked the audio to the press for some unknown reason.

Stiviano was born Maria Vanessa Perez in October 1982 in Los Angeles, but successfully petitioned to change her name to V. Stiviano in 2010. There is no explanation for what the name means, but her stated reason in the court filing was, "Born from a rape case and having yet been fully accepted because of my race," according to

“Donald Sterling is being treated like a Nazi at Nuremberg,” said Peterson. “His mistress goaded him into making the stupid remarks. The NBA has the right to protect their brand, but the punishment and scorn do not fit the crime… this story is about a private quarrel between a billionaire and his girlfriend and the hypersensitivity of a bunch of spoiled whining NBA players and nothing more.

Peterson went on to point out that Commissioner Silver had said that he has known Sterling for over 20 years and wonders why that if he had known Sterling for that long, why is Silver reacting now?

Peterson said, “Commissioner Silver said he’s known Sterling for 20 years. How is it that he and the league were in bed with an alleged racist for so long? The Los Angeles NAACP received donations and was set to honor Sterling with a lifetime achievement award… why did not they know he was a ‘racist’?”

“Whatever character flaws Sterling has, these people knew about it, yet they accepted him as long as he was quietly bankrolling their operations. The NBA and the NAACP are hypocrites,” said Peterson.

“President Obama added fuel to the fire by condemning Donald Sterling as a "racist". Yet, Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP are continuing to incite the anger that exists within the black community to intimidate wealthy white Americans into caving in to their demands. When this is said and done, the so-called “leaders” will receive their payment for their shakedown of the Clippers, while others bask in the glow of favorable media coverage,” Peterson said.

“Meanwhile, most blacks will continue to wallow in poverty and faithlessness. I wonder if Obama and Commissioner Silver are as personally outraged about this as they claim to be over Sterling’s remarks? I doubt it.”

Interestingly enough, Patrick Howley of the Daily Caller reported that the LA chapter of the NAACP had been financially supported by Sterling’s foundation for years and that Leon Jenkins, president of the LA NAACP, received a grant from Sterling’s foundation at the 2013 Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation Gala just four months ago.

The link to the NBA website of the LA NAACP receiving the grant plus photographs of the event has suspiciously been removed from public viewing.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed reported that Mississippi Democratic Congressman says Clarence Thomas is an “Uncle Tom,” Mitch McConnell is a “racist,” and that Republicans are only anti-big government and anti-Obamacare because President Obama is black while he appeared on a New Nation of Islam radio program over the weekend.

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