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Black Labrador found in Houston with front leg caught in metal game trap

An investigation is underway to find the person responsible for setting such traps.
An investigation is underway to find the person responsible for setting such traps.
Melrose Park Neglected Dogs Facebook

A beautiful black Labrador Retriever mix named Lucas was lucky to have his front paw after rescuers from the Melrose Park Neglected Dogs found the trapped pooch outside of a Houston area church on Canino and Melrose Park Drive on Monday reported Life With Dogs.

The trap appeared to be one designed for game; perhaps for a coyote and had been allegedly set outside of the church area in a location where many stray and homeless animals gather to be fed by volunteers.

On the group's Facebook page this evening, the outrage of anyone setting inhumane traps to capture the homeless dogs and cats being was shared:

" This is NOT a solution to a stray problem! Please note, these dogs did NOT ask to be homeless; they did NOT ask to be born! This is barbaric and inexcusable! Spay and neuter your pets and if you do not want the responsibility don't own a pet get a damn stuffed animal! This pisses me off and people in this pathetic city and all around the world need to man up and start acting like humans and not barbarians!!"

Investigators from BARC are investigating the illegal traps.

Volunteers are now searching for a longtime foster for Lucas.

If you have any information about the traps set or know more about Lucas' identity and his owners, please contact Melrose Park Neglected Pets by clicking here.

Lucas had been spotted a few weeks earlier by volunteers. On Friday, his collar was found with identification tags matching Lucas. Sadly the phone number listed for him has been disconnected.

Lucas was rushed to the vet where he has been treated and released. He is now in the care of AARF (Adopt a Rescued Friend).

Donations are being collected to help pay for Lucas' medical treatment. If you would like to help, please click here.

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