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Black Label Society brings Revolver Golden Gods tour through Milwaukee

Last night in Milwaukee, April 25, powerhouse Black Label Society brought the Revolver Golden Gods tour to The Rave, supported by Butcher Babies and Devil You Know. Zakk Wylde, best known for his years as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist, has since 1998 poured his blood sweat and tears into creating Black Label Society and has one of the most devoted fan bases in metal. Wylde led his band last night through some of the heaviest riffs and thunderous songs of their set such as "Suicide Messiah," and even slowed things down and played piano on "In This River."

Black Label Society performs in Milwaukee at The Rave on April 25, 2014
Copyright 2014 John Schulze
Black Label Society performs in Milwaukee
Copyright 2014 John Schulze

Last month, while playing a concert in Chicago on March 14, Wylde fell victim to theft when his Pelham Blue Bullseye Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar and leather vest were stolen from his tour bus. There's been no word if they've been recovered. Wylde was in Chicago on the Experience Hendrix tour when the theft occurred and immediately took to social media to try and recover his prized axe.

The highlight of last night was one of Wylde's signature 10 minute long guitar solos that would have made Hendrix proud. At about the halfway point in the concert, Wylde broke loose and never held back during the solo. Wylde made it look all to easy, and was rewarded with voracious applause from the packed room.

Wylde also took a moment to bring to attention the lineup changes that Black Label Society has had over the last few months and introduced former Lizzy Borden guitarist Dario Lorina and drummer Jeff Fabb, formerly of In This Moment as the newest members of the band. Bassist John DeServio has been with the band since 2005.

Earlier this month Black Label Society released their ninth studio album titled, "Catacombs Of The Black Vatacan," on E1 Music. All 11 tracks on the release, and the two bonus tracks, were written by Zack Wylde. The first single off the album, "My Dying Time," was released last January. "Catacombs Of The Black Vatacan," available for sale at iTunes, had a great first week of release and landed at number 5 on the Billboard 200 chart with nearly 30,000 copies sold. Butcher Babies most recent release is "Goliath," also available on iTunes. Devil You Know is set to release their debut titled, "The Beauty Of Destruction."

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