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Black kitten's video of 'nom nom nom' gobbling sounds lands her a new home

Meet Turkey and listen to her making sure she plans to take advantage of her assigned nine lives.
Meet Turkey and listen to her making sure she plans to take advantage of her assigned nine lives.Orange County Animal Services

Only 24% of cats in shelters across the United States are adopted annually, but this much too adorable three-month-old black kitten from the Orange County Animal Services wasn't taking any chances and cleverly "cuted" out a 29-second-video to become an Internet sensation earlier Saturday on Good Morning America.

The tiny little stray from Central Florida named Turkey has an interesting and enjoyable way of eating her food. It seems she makes the most unusual "nom, nom,nom,nom" sounds as she chows down for her cat food entrees.

You can catch her viral video by clicking here.

The organization's Facebook page stated:

"Can you believe Turkey (A286588), a 3-month-old kitten, is making this sound? You can adopt her today! Gobble, gobble!!"

Happily, Turkey who came into the shelter on Monday, left the building on Friday cuddled in the arms of her new human. She has already been spayed and is expected to live happily ever after while "nom, nom, noming" her Fancy Feast.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all pets could be so lucky?

Two of Turkey's siblings have also been adopted including Tator Tot. One brother and one sister are still waiting for the "purrfect" homes.

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