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Black Jesus on The Cartoon Network

It's not the color of his skin but the content of his characterization
It's not the color of his skin but the content of his characterization

I received an email today from the American Family Association (AFA) regarding a new television show on The Cartoon Network entitled "Black Jesus." The intention of the email is to alert AFA members of the urgent need to contact the sponsors of Black Jesus in order to express disapproval of Black Jesus.

Now, as a Christian, I have no problem with Jesus - quite the opposite. I love Jesus! I'm not exactly sure how much of a problem I have with him being portrayed as a black man because, after all, he was a Middle Eastern Jew. He may have looked like Adam Sandler or Jon Lovitz with a tan.

Reading into the body of the email, it became quite evident that the problem the AFA has is not with Jesus, the ethnicity of Jesus, or the color of his skin, but rather with the unsavory content of the episodes being aired.

The AFA stated (with added comments mine): "During the second episode, Jesus helps organize a “veggie” garden" (well that sounds nice - kids need to learn to eat their veggies, and learning to grow your own vegetables is even better!) "as a cover to grow marijuana." (okay, well, it does have medicinal uses, doesn't it?)

"The garden spot is an abandoned lot" (no problem, you use what you've got.) "in which Jesus breaks the lock on the gate to gain access." (breaking and entering, making Jesus a common criminal ... well, maybe that lock shouldn't have been there?)

"Alcohol, drug use and over 60 profanities were included in this episode." (okay, hopefully this is not a kid's show and hopefully none of that was done by Jesus - even though there is debate on whether he turned water into alcoholic wine. I'm sure he didn't turn it into Ripple!)

According to the email: "Almost all of the advertising sponsors of Cartoon Network’s blasphemous “Black Jesus” show quickly abandoned it after just one episode. Specifically, Unisom and Radio Shack ads did not appear on the second 30-minute episode." (well good! Now I'll shop at Radio Shack and buy some ... hey wait, isn't Unisom a drug?)

The AFA provides an opportunity for individuals to take action by contacting the companies "who actually sponsored TBS's anti-Christian "Black Jesus." Compound W and were the major advertisers who paid corporate dollars to promote its products in association with the content of the program. Compound W is a subsidiary of Prestige Brands. SafeLink is a government-funded program that gives welfare recipients free phones (the “ObamaPhone”). Let these companies know that their advertising dollars are supporting bigotry and animosity toward people of faith."

Despite my joking around, given the information provided, and knowing the integrity of the AFA, I agree with the AFA's displeasure and encourage you to follow this link to go to AFA's website where you can 1.) Call 2.) Connect or 3.) Email both Prestige Brands and Tracfone. AFA's site is very user friendly with email addresses and pre-written content that can easily be copied and pasted into a personal email of your own. Or call and literally let your voice be heard.

Praise God for Jesus who said, and I paraphrase: "You can speak against me and I'll forgive you, but blaspheme against the Holy Ghost and you will never be forgiven." ~ Matthew 12:31,32 Let's get this show removed, yet also forgive those who purposefully created and approved this type of show about our loving savior Jesus Christ.

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