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'Black Ink Crew' shop owner Ceaser fires back at Alexandra Estevez

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Tattoo shop owner Ceaser from "Black Ink Crew" responds to accusations made by ex-receptionist Alex. On Jan. 15. TMZ reports that Ceaser has spoken and he says Alex is a drunk liar.

According to Ceaser Emanuel, no one slipped anything to the hot former receptionist on "Black Ink Crew." He says she is a "sl*t" and that she had consumed too much Hennessy.

Alex contends that she was given a drink by producers right before the scene in question was filmed. She also says that there was something in that drink and it messed her up so badly that she remembers nothing. According to Alex, her humiliation after the incident is what led her to leave the show.

In the shot, you can see Alex is visibly very intoxicated and looks like a mess. Her bleach blonde hair is matted and messy and she is shamelessly throwing herself at Ceaser. Then Dutchess, Ceaser's girlfriend, comes in and drama ensues.

Later in the scene, Alex says that she only had two drinks and she remembers nothing. She contends then that someone must have slipped a roofie in her drink. She certainly looked like she had way more than two drinks, that's for sure!