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'Black Ink Crew' launches monthly Black Ink Magazine

"Black Ink Crew" launched a Black Ink monthly magazine.
"Black Ink Crew" launched a Black Ink monthly magazine.
VH1 press

The cast of VH1's "Black Ink Crew" are making news as they launch a monthly tattoo magazine. On Jan. 30 Digital Journal revealed that the popular reality crew have launched a monthly publication called "Black Ink."

The new tattoo magazine will feature celebrity tattoos, editorials and it will certainly keep fans up to date on the cast of the popular show. If the popularity of the show is any indication, then the magazine should be pretty successful too.

The entire cast of "Black Ink Crew" seem to be backing this project. With the assortment of musicians and athletes that come through their doors, fans can expect the pages of Black Ink Magazine to be full of colorful and masterfully designed tattoos.

Ceaser Emanuel is the owner of Black Ink Studio and the leader of this crew of Harlem tattoo artists. Some of his work can be seen on his official website. As the brains behind the tattoo business, he has done an excellent job at branching out the Black Ink empire.