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'Black Ink Crew' coming back to VH1 with five new episodes

"Black Ink Crew" is set to return with 5 episodes.
"Black Ink Crew" is set to return with 5 episodes.
VH1 Press

Fans of the hit reality show set in Harlem will be happy to know that "Black Ink Crew" is coming back. On March 11, VH1 announced that a second season of "Black Ink Crew" is upon us with 5 new episodes.

Many wondered if the hit tattoo reality show would be back for season 2. Now that has been answered as "Black Ink Crew" will roll out 5 new episodes starting on March 31.

When season 1 ended, fans were left wondering if tattoo shop owner Ceaser would still be with his girlfriend Dutchess. Tattoo Artist "Oh S***" was facing jail time and two main personalities on the show were talking about opening their own shop. This left little for viewers to watch unless they brought in a whole lot of new faces.

During the off-time for the show, former receptionist Alex Estevez sued the show. Alex claimed that she was slipped a roofie by someone affiliated with production of "Black Ink Crew." She went on to claim that it was slipped into a drink that production gave her before filming and it was because of that drink that she acted so sexually promiscuous toward shop owner Ceaser.

Of course there is no evidence to that effect, not even a lab sample confirming an illicit substance in her blood. That doesn't stop the press machine though and it was looking iffy for the cast of "Black Ink Crew" considering a lack of staff and pending legal troubles.

The turmoil surrounding the show is also a good reason for viewers to tune in. Starting on Monday March 31 at 9:30 p.m. viewers can tune in for 5 more installments of drama from the Harlem tattoo shop on "Black Ink Crew."

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