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Black history tidbits

She has a learning disability
Photo by Theo Wargo

It is Black History month. In schools we often hear about this in terms of the civil rights movement and what they added to the county. We know about the sports figures and the celebrities. We do not however know the whole story. Here are some facts that are good for all students to know.

1. Whoopi Goldberg has a learning disability who became an actress, comedienne, and talk show host.
2. Harriet Tubman, known for her heroic efforts on the Underground Railroad, did so despite having Epilepsy.
3. James Earl Jones, with deep recognizable voice in commercials and television, has a communication disorder. He stutters.
4. Coolio has asthma.
5. The Ying Yang twins each have neurological disabilities.
6. Tiger Woods has a speech disorder.
7. Michael Jordan has ADHD.
8. Curtis Pride of baseball is a person who is deaf.
9. Sammy Davis, Jr. had one eye.
10. Will Smith has Dyslexia.

History is important, but we rarely hear these facts. These people are mentors and there is no reason why their disabilities are not discussed. It is part of them and reasons of why they should also be proud.

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