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Black History Month lunch menu: School offends with watermelon and fried chicken

Really? Who thought this was appropriate?
Really? Who thought this was appropriate?

A California school has apologized for their plans to serve a Black History Month lunch consisting of watermelon, fried chicken and cornbread. According to a Feb. 6 report on MSN News, Carondelet High School for Girls in Concord seemed to be caught off guard when their efforts at a lunchtime celebration of foods commemorating the history of African-Americans was offensive to many parents and students.

This incident makes observers scratch their head and wonder who thought this was a good idea. The school has removed the menu, apologized and planned a diversity assembly. These foods are stereotypically associated with the black culture in the South, although the foods are also common menu items among the entire population. They were items readily available to people in poorer areas of the South.

Perhaps in sunny California, the entire stereotype of the black man with the piece of watermelon is not a familiar image. However, it sure seems like somebody should have seen this coming a mile away!

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