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Black Hairitage|Black History Month

There once was a time when Black wasn’t Beautiful and shades of Brown were associated with a frown. Full lips, thick, nappy hair and large noses were not considered to be attractive but more an eyesore in the sight of anyone Black or White.

Traditions like pinching noses and lips to reform their shape or stretching cottony hair with thread or fabric were adopted to assist Africans in adapting to European and American imagery whose thin noses, straight hair and fair skin were all things beautiful.

When straightening Afro textured hair was necessary for Blacks to be accepted among their peers, several methods were implemented, most dangerous, to satisfy these efforts. Take a look at the video to see one of the most common methods, still practiced today where Lye is used to straighten Afro hair.

View the entire video at this link for an in depth look at African Heritage and the American adaptation of it.

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