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Black Gold Open Beta - Defiance & Rift Crossover - MMO Roundup

Black Gold Steampunk Fantasy World
Black Gold Steampunk Fantasy World
Snail USA, Inc.

Defiance Returns to TV - Nolan returns to the game

In the latest Defiance episode patch, Nolan has returned to Paradise in new crossover content that bridges the gap between last seasons’ short webisode series. In game players will participate in Nolan’s search for Irisa as well as investigate a Votan trafficking ring in the New Frontier. You can also catch up on all the pre-season crossover content with special Cradle to Graveand Stahma's Interests storylines.

Rift – Defiance Crossovers continue

I’d love to player opinions on these continued crossovers between Trion’s fantasy-steampunk world of Rift and near-future science fiction world of Defiance. Last year Trion Worlds introduced Hellbug mounts to Rift as well as an invasion event. This year to celebrate the show and new crossover content another invasion event is planned for this weekend.

Black Gold Open Beta Starts

The Black Gold Online Open Beta is about to commence! Servers go live at 2pm Pacific Time on June 20th. Players participating in the open beta will receive special bonuses and prizes for characters when the game is officially released. Personally as a Steampunk-Fantasy fan and creator of Ave Molech – I’m going to be a bit biased on reviews of this game.

Perfect World Updates

Jade Dynasty officially turned five years old last Sunday.

Swordsman, the new action martial arts MMO, is now in closed beta.

Summer Charge Rewards kicks off this weekend.

Wildstar Opinions Wanted

Now that Wildstar has been out long enough for many players to reach max level and begin end-game content, how do you feel about the game? Is it a WoW killer? Is it simply GW2 with a cartoon sci-fi skin?

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