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Black Gold Campaign of Ashes Launches

Black Gold Ashes Launch
Black Gold Ashes Launch

The next great battle is about to begin. The war for Black Gold reaches new levels of intensity with the first major update to Black Gold Online, “The Campaign of Ashes.”

Join in the epic fight for Montel with our special Ignition Pack. Prepare your hero for the next great adventure as the conflict smolders.

This special Ignition Pack will be available on your account with the launch of the Campaign of Ashes. It’s limited to one per account, and each item can be redeemed by one character on your account.

Ignition Pack Contains the Followings:

5 Mount Prize Packs & 5 Radiant Costume Crates

Open the Mount Prize Pack to get two random rewards, including Templates, Medals, Gems and more! In addition to these sure-thing prizes, you’ll have a small chance of winning a rare flying mount or flying mount fragment! Are you lucky enough?

Deck yourself in the latest fashion with Radiant Costume Crates! Crack open this box for some random valuable rewards, and those fans touched by fate will receive a special rare permanent Fashion Item.

T0 Gear Sets Now Available

Need a boost? Start your journey afresh with the upgradable gear set. Receive vouchers to redeem at key NPCs for a full set of T0 gear. The road ahead is long, you’d better get going!

Armies Amass for the Next Battle

As the Campaign of Ashes gets under way, the forces of Steam and Magic clash on all new fronts in the struggle for Black Gold. Battle with friends and foes in all new maps, new battlefields, and more for action-packed, hot-blooded PvP.

  • New “Ashen Copse” high level map
  • Reworked Blood Fang Citadel
  • New “Death Hills” carrier battlefield
  • New carriers and improved carrier system
  • Cross-server PvP system for universal competition

Incredible Power Ripe for the Taking

Now is the time for action. Discover your hero’s potential and achieve unprecedented greatness. The Campaign of Ashes gives more opportunities to grow and customize your character for maximum might and unparalleled power.

  • Increased Max Level
  • Upgraded Armor Sets
  • New "Skill Surge" system
  • Improved Instance system

Balance and Order Fight Back the Chaos

In the struggle between technology and nature, we aim to strike a balance between free and paid play. The Campaign of Ashes brings a number important changes to the land of Montel to ensure quality play for both free plays and those who pay.

  • Balanced Time Vial rewards
  • Improved rewards and loot drops
  • Improved trading and game economy
  • Better resource farming and crafting
  • All new monthly Energy Well refresh, for fair and competitive PvP

Hope Shines On the Horizon

As the next day dawns on a world torn by war, there is hope for the future. Black GoldOnline has undergone a huge optimization, for smoother game play and better player experience.

  • Total optimization for improved performance on all machines
  • Better Account Protections
  • Useful new player functions

The next campaign is about to begin. Learn more about what's to come, and prepare for war.

Unfortunately, there are still no vampires yet.

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