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Black Friday preparedness

Black Friday shopping is almost here. In addition, many stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day, some have said it is Brown Thursday. Let's hope that phrase does not start trending because there is only one Black Friday. Black Friday is known to be the largest and busiest shopping day of the year. Crowds of consumers getting up early, or staying up late, to get the best deals being offered by the retailers. Wal-Mart, Kohl's and Macy's all have early bird specials and specials that run during certain hours on top of other deals and discounts that the stores run all day, and sometimes night.

Black Friday can be quite overwhelming for a shopper who is not used to braving the stores, the crowds and the cold temperatures. Preparedness is normally the term used in conjunction with a storm or a test, but Black Friday is easily on the list for preparedness, too. Of course, you may ask why this may all be necessary. Why would you need to be prepared to go shopping? Again, with all of what Black Friday has to offer, it can become exhausting quickly. Let's lay out some plans, a list for Black Friday preparedness.

Let's begin: 1. - Go through all of the ads and make a list of what to purchase, so once you are in the store, you won't be too distracted.

2. - Make sure you note in the ads if specials have particular bonus hours and what time those hours begin.

3. - Set a realistic budget and stick to it. This is the day to get the most bang for your buck so keep to the budget.

4. - Try not to over bundle yourself. Once inside and shopping, it can be tiring and hot to carry a handbag, heavy coat and bags and purchases.

5. - Have the least amount of things in your hands before you enter the store; this makes it easier to carry heavy or big items.

6. - Stay hydrated. The air can get very dry and hot while you are shopping.

7. - Keep an easy snack in your car, such as a light sandwich, granola bar, cheese stick or anything simple to eat that will not fill you up and make you uncomfortable.

8. - Cut out all store coupons and keep them separated and easy to get to.

9. - Clean out your car before you go and see the room that you have. It would be unfortunate to get to your car, it's freezing outside then to find out that the small child's bike won't fit because the car seat is still in the back.

Some may laugh at this list of preparedness, but Black Friday shopping is real and millions do it every year. It is important to be prepared for what could be hours of crowds and standing in line. In can easily take three hours to purchase a few items, so utilize your time and the sales the best you can and it's possible that you may not have to shop again the rest of the holiday season. Now, that is worth being prepared for if nothing else. Now good luck to our Black Friday shoppers and we will see you out there. Happy Black Friday shopping!

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