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Black Forest Fire-smoke on the range

The van pulled out of the Austin Bluffs neighborhood in a cloud of dense smoke with a dog a cat and an 18 year old girl with her mother heading to Arkansas for college orientation. It was planned before the fires started. What was not in the plans were the extra stowaways. The Northgate home they live in was surrounded by plumes to the east and directly to the north and the evacuation was voluntary at that point. Invited by friends to stay the rest of the family came up to Denver prior to the mass exodus on Interstate 25. They grabbed what they could and supplemented at Wal Mart. The girls father and sister headed to Denver leading an inner-city mission group. They had been commuting back and forth before the fire but by Tuesday and Wednesday plan B became plan C and by Thursday morning the house was secure and vacant.

Front Range vantage point

In Elyria near the Globeville exit, where I-70 meets I-25, the vantage point of the Front Range is pretty staggering. "You can pin point many of the current fires and conditions as far North as Fort Collins and as South as Trinidad," a ranger told us. Like Black Forest the terrain has been leveled and damaged for more than a century and the wounds of immigrants, blue collar workers and people who view themselves as damaged goods are evident in the physical and the emotional scars. The Vantage Point Media Platform got a glimpse of the similarities of the power of "re." That is the movement to see situations with new eyes. God establishes new covenants in peoples lives that replace the vows of "I'll never allow that to happen again." What VP and Friends and Fellowship wants to do is to continue to reestablish ways for couples and families to study God's Word; restart relationships in the context of community; and then reach out to people who have seemingly lost everything in Black Forest, in the urban setting of Elyria; and the fires we all have in our lives.

Keith Dorscht, The Communication Cure, has created this FREE, online resource to help discuss the Black Forest fire trauma with your children & teens.

TALK as a family about the fires. This online tool makes it easy and meaningful.

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