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Black Eyed Susan

Some titles immediately grab your attention. “Black Eyed Susan” is one of those titles. Those unfamiliar with the terminology may conjure images of a woman with a black eye, but that is way off the mark. A Black Eyed Susan is a flower.

Joseph Devon’s short story, “Black Eyed Susan,” quickly asserts itself as a love story. The story seems to flow from petal to petal just like a Black Eyed Susan. The heart of the story is the love between a man and a woman. The beauty of the story is the alternating points of view. The man tells his side and the woman tells her side. They disagree on some of the circumstances, but they both agree on one thing: they love each other.

The man and woman in the short story are telling their love story to their child. The parents are relatively candid with their emotions and with their perspective of how their love story unfolded during summers at the Jersey Shore and took flight in a field of Black Eyed Susans.

Read “Black Eyed Susan” and take a trip down memory lane.